Spreewald Canoe

spreewald-paddeln-lübbenau08It’s so great and it’s so easy. It’s the perfect getaway for a sunday and the right mix between relaxation and activity: going around in Spreewald’s little natural canals in a canoe. Here’s how you do it.

Take the train from Berlin Alexanderplatz, Hauptbahnhof or Ostbahnhof to Lübbenau. From the trainstation in Lübbenau it’s a 15 min walk to the next boat rental. I can recommend Bootsverleih Hannemann. They will give you a canoe for two, paddles and a map and explain the way you can go in three or four hours. And off you are! In the middle of the greatest nature, in less than 1,5h hours from Berlin. I was truly amazed that it is so easy. Read more →

Israel Reisetipps


Wenn auf Facebook irgendetwas super funktioniert, dann sind das Reisetipps. Es ist unglaublich, was für ein Wissensregen auf einen prasselt, wenn man um Tipps zu einem bestimmten Ort bittet. Irgendwer war bestimmt schonmal da oder kennt jemanden oder zumindest einen guten Link. Und Reiseerlebnisse sind so emotional, dass man sie gerne teilt. Wenn ich auf Reisen gehe, frage ich inzwischen immer erst einmal auf Facebook, welche Tipps meine Freunde für mein Ziel haben. Read more →

Post Digital birds shirts

newsletter-muybridge iiii

With 3D printers, hi tech materials and the digitalization of all aspects of life, a great field for artists emerged and is opening up more with every new technology. And here, we’ll see the need for art also as a catalyst for the possible. Now, that we have all these unlimited options, what are we supposed to do with it? Read more →

On my way to Outlook festival

Before I boarded the plane this morning, I took a look at the weather forecast for Pula, Croatia: rain until monday. Well, quite dissapointing, but maybe the right thing to lower my expectations a bit, I thought. Which are dangerously high since I have seen and heard such great things about the “worlds best bass music festival” on a beautiful peninsula in Croatia next to the old coast town of Pula.

Now I am sitting in Venice, looking over the adriatic coast, in the sun with an espresso and it is hard to imagine that on the other side the weather could be any less good. But wait, Venice, why Venice? Well, the roads to Outlook are not really straightforward.

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Perfect Spanish summer feeling videos

In Berlin we had a glimpse of summer like about 10 days ago. It was wonderful, girls wearing skirts, boys wearing shorts, we were riding our bikes with sunglasses on, off to a barbecue. Now it’s cold and rainy again and people remember that we used to go on a summer holiday, to Italy, Spain or Greece. We would live in a summer house owned by friends, go down to the beach, cook together, drink beer, dance in the street. These videos wake this feeling of mediterranean easy-going and living into the day. Read more →

Two weeks in Cuba – Part 3, Santa Clara

Next day we arrived in Santa Clara, a university town and place of Che Guevara’s decisive winning battle during the revolution. After asking around, we were lucky to get to know Jorge, our host for the next four days. In his place we felt very comfortable, the food was great and Jorge had very good advice about what kind of things to do. After all that car and horse riding it was like coming down and being home.

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