How to refer directly to a tv show with a single URL

I had this idea when I realized how many people twitter about what they are watching on tv right now. Taking a look at my German twitter friends on a sunday night, be sure, almost half of them will comment on the ongoing “Tatort”. But in contrast to stuff from the web, tv shows cannot be linked to directly. Of course, there are pages from tv channels, YouTube videos or blogentries, but there is clearly no distinct system to link to tv shows.

This is a gap to be filled, maybe it is THE gap to be filled for the two systems to grow together. We need URLs for tv shows.

How can this be done? Here is just an idea, feel free to discuss it, take it, rework it and implement it.
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Café Solvey

For the most time I have been in my current flat, the little store in the ground floor was filled with a computer store. The guys where nice, even had some hints for me from time to time but obviously they did not suceed with their business and closed last year. Some months later people started to build a café there. This was of great delight to us since we have many bars in our neighborhood but no nice cafés to sit and read newspapers.

In september, Café Solvey opened finally and we instantly became friends with Solvey and her family who run the place. It’s warm and cosy, with very old porcelain, self-made cake, soft armchairs, a kids corner with toys and a fake, yet very well done chemin. And when Solvey asked me to help her out with a website I could not say no. Jimdo was the system of choice to build it fast and easy and when I see now that Solvey herself (who is not a big fan of these “computer things”) edits the events on her page and adds products, I know it was the right decision – Jimdo obviously easy to use. And I earned myself a couple of coffees, breakfasts and cakes!

Take a look at Solvey’s website, more importantly, visit the café if you are around and leave a comment in the guestbook!

Liveblogging from DLD09

I just got a very pleasant call from Burda Marcom. They invited me to blog from the Digital, Life, Design Conference 09 (short dld09) in Munich, starting this sunday jan 25th until tuesday jan 27. I am very excited, its an event I would have liked to attend since I got to know about its existence about two years ago.

I will cover the conference together with Nicole Simon, Oliver Gassner and Andrea Vascellari – I am proud to be working with them.

My work for PANORAMA3000 and Jusos

Inspired by Peter’s blogpost about Life updates, I would like to state some things, too.

Over the last year (2008), I was still working as a freelance online consultant but mainly doing concepts and creating ideas for the Berlin based digital communications agency PANORAMA3000 and its clients. I started to work for P3000 in december 2007 after having finished my studies in communcation and business at FU Berlin.

Working for P3000 has been great so far, it’s a very ambitious and young team, consisting of people who like exactly what I like: music, the interwebs and being creative. I had lots of possibilities to shape ideas and concepts for clients like Universal Music, Sony Music, arvato Bertelsmann and even the Golfclub Wannsee Berlin. Some of my posts here might have been work related but since most of it treats with funky web ideas and music, I did not take the chance every time to say I was also working (for money!) with that particular project. Sorry for that.

Next year we’ll be working for young socialists within the Social Democratic Party (SPD), short: Jusos. There are elections to the European parliament and the Bundestag (German parliament who then elect the government) coming up and we will be helping Jusos to tune their websites and most of all their online supporters management, using social media platforms and tools. You probably know that I did work for SPD with ABFace2net in the past. And that always featured posts dealing with politics.

Of course I will present some strategies, tools and ideas here and hope you will find it interesting to take a look at our work and sometimes behind the curtains. Personally, I like the social democratic people we are working with and often, of course not always, agree with their political ideas about a social society, education, environment and regulating financial markets on a global level.

Thank you for beaming – take Rocca Zilla

Stylewalker says thank you with Rocca ZillaMany, many people really did suggest me as a speaker, thank you all for that! The message got through, obviously: yesterday I got an email by the Next09 organization team, thanking me for the many applications.

I hope Next09 did not mind the little community campaign I pushed here, I think it was a nice idea to demonstrate a little of that internet community power in real time when it’s exactly the subject I want to talk about. Plus, Next09 got some nice promotion – some people (enthusiasts and professionals about the internet by the way) had not heard about it before. So, let’s see if I make it, I bring you presents from Hamburg for sure if I go!

And here’s one already: “Bring me the head of Zilla Rocca”, by Zilla Rocca, superb oldschooly hip hop shit, especially the second song “The first order of business” which features a Talk Talk sample I would have liked to use as well. If I was a producer. Other influences: El-P, RZA, Kanye West, Dan the Automator, David Axelrod, J Dilla, Havoc, Rick Rubin. Check the Rocca Zilla profile on Soundclick.

Download Zilla Rocca – Bring me the head of Zilla Rocca. [via Passion of the Weiss]

Beam Stylewalker to Next09

I want to speak at Next09 and I need your help to do so!

is a conference for digital communication, economy, the web, technology and the actors within this world. “Share economy” will be the theme for this year, the conference will see speakers from all over the world, the private and the public sector, workshops and start-up presentations. All supposedly dealing with how digital technology, especially the internet, is changing the way people communicate and do business with enabling them to share. Next09 is organized by the Hamburg based company SinnerSchrader.

So, here is the plan: Propose me as a speaker! I did so myself already but I need a little more support, so I will post here what I wrote to Next09 and if you like it,

I very much ask you to go to this speaker proposal form and suggest me!
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Jazzanova Remix Contest

At the Webby night, an event to promote the Webby Awards which took place yesterday in Berlin, Eric Wahlforss introduced an amazed crowd to Soundcloud once again, putting it in a logical line with YouTube (video) and Flickr (foto).

Right now, there is a Jazzanova remix contest going on which also demonstrates the power of the Soundcloud API. It’s fascinatingly simple: Download the samples needed, upload the remix track and listen to all other uploads. It’s automatic, baby. And the outcome is of a surprising quality as you can hear for yourself in the widget.

Another very funny presentation about Memes and how they produce a life on their own from the web to the meatspace and back that should not be missed is by Peter aka The Waving Cat.

“Captured” – documenting Clayton Patterson’s work

On saturday I had the chance to see the European premier of “Captured” at Babylon Berlin, as part of the American independent film fest “Unknown Pleasures“.

“Captured” is a film about the New York artist Clayton Patterson and a film about the change in the Lower East side, Manhattan, during the last 20 years. Patterson has tons of foto and video material from the time when the Lower East side was a dirty, cheap, chaotic, independent, arty, druggy, anarchic area. Not only with Giuliani this changed into yet another hip and expensive place to live in New York nowadays. “Captured” shows this change and the protagonists around Patterson, e.g. the art scene, the hardcore scene (with Bad Brains e.g.), the queer scene, the squatters.

Filmmakers Den Levin, Ben Solomon and Jenner Furst managed to boil down Pattersons’ hours of film into a consistent, exciting and interesting 90min movie, which literally makes you feel sad you hadn’t been there when it was still rough.

Captured Homepage
Captured MySpace