A trip to the baltic

Three weeks ago we went on a great trip around the Baltic sea, from Vilnius to the Curonian spit (Lithaunia), from Liepaja to Ventspils (Lativa) to Öland via Gotland (Sweden). It was fantastic, especially because so many unplanned things happened and so many people helped us out of difficult situations. Watch a slideshow with the best pictures!

Final shows at Melt08

Melt Festival 08: Berlin Battery final show of the festival
The last moment of a long DJ show at a festival often is a magical moment, especially when it’s the last gig on that stage. I remember Roni Size and Dynamite playing extra long into the sunlight, same for Goldie next year as last show on the big stage.

This year, Goldie again was part of a legendary show: Skream, Lowqui and the godfather of DnB rocked the Dubstep floor massively on saturday. Watch Skream crowdsurfing in a video below. And with this year sunday being the last day of the festival, the big honour to close Melt 08 laid in the hands of Berlin Battery who had several last records until finally the gates had to close and everybody had to go home, to sleep, or to rock on at the Sleepless floor outside. Despite all the criticism coming down to Melt! this year, with such a frenetic finishing, it cannot have been such a bad festival..

What’s on this weekend in Berlin?

Trotz des eher bescheidenen Wetters lassen sich die umtriebigen Partymachers Berlins nicht beirren und starten jetzt, da sowohl die Berliner aus dem Urlaub wieder da als auch viele Sommertouristen immer noch da sind, richtig durch.

Nachdem die Bar25 in ihrem vielleicht letzten Jahr des Bestehens durch Filmvorführungen, Showcases, Modeschauen und allerlei weitere Mainstreamveranstaltungen noch einmal besonders viele Gäste in den Genuss ihres doch einzigartigen Flairs und Ortes kommen lassen möchte (dabei natürlich auch riskiert, ihr freakiges Stammpublikum zu verlieren), geht es an anderen Open Air-Orten etwas undergroundiger zu:
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Pablo Francisco: Movie previews

This is an old clip but I had to think about this extremely funny comedian, Pablo Francisco, when we talked about the strange voices one can hear in movie previews today. Pablo has a great parody about this exact phenomenon but he has much more funny types to offer: the Mexican girlfriend, the Chippendale dancer who shaves his huevos.. But here we go for the trailers:

Watch out for more Melt! coverage tomorrow and the kickstart into a late open air rave party season in Berlin!


Anyone who is into music, I mean, really, like producing, djing, working with it, should take a look at Soundcloud. I heard about it the first time at Next in Hamburg where Alexander Ljung presented his startup. He is one of the founders who decided early this year to come from Stockholm to Berlin to start this servive for music professionals which shall “represent the whole processes of music production and promotion until finally a song is being released” as Alexander summarizes the idea.

And Soundcloud is intriguing, not least because so many professional musicians from the electronic scene already are members and share their songs before they come out to a selected network of contacts: Richie Hawtin, Tanith, the whole Compost crew to only name a few. One nice feature is the comment function where people can put a comment into the timeline of a track and thus precisely give feedback, e.g. ask for songnames in dj mixes. Here is an amazingly fresh yet powerful dubstepmix by Tanith.

Another feature is the dropbox, so here you can drop songs for me I should e.g. consider playing in dj sets or promote via stylewalker.net:

Send me your track

I have one 19 invites (thanks, Alex!) for Soundcloud left, so leave a comment if you’re interested.

Tomorrow, Alexander organizes a likemind meeting, 9 AM (!), so come around, have a coffee at Oberholz, Berlin.

How was Melt!08?

Goldie at Melt08by Jesus PresleyI wrote about Melt05, Melt06 and Melt07 and in the first years I had the feeling to be one lonely chronist of this special festival, the last two years there has been an impressive coverage from press and blog, so this time I am only telling my own story and link to others to round everything up.

It has been the biggest Melt! festival so far with more than 20 000 visitors and three days of packed stages from rock to techno from bands to Djs. And things that grow hurt sometimes. It’s not easy to maintain the magic of a small festival with special bands if more and more people want to come and see it. It’s a big tease and a big challenge to let it grow, organize three days instead of two and produce a big show like the one Björk did on the last day, sunday.
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