Melt 2012 sunday

Lazy sunday. My favorite day at Melt. Everybody is a bit hungover and fluffy. Movements are slower, in a common pace, people got used to each other, made friends and are a bit emotional because a great time is going to end. I got to see many, many concerts that day and in the very end had the lovely surprise to see my unexpected highlight. Here we go.
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Melt 2012 – saturday

Saturday is the most crowded day at Melt and the line-up is packed. I tried to see a lot and in the end felt a bit dissatisfied. I should have concentrated a bit more, I guess. Plus, I got to play in the VIP tent from 5am to 6am which drew too much of my attention. It was surely a cool thing to do, but I wasn’t good at all and there was hardly anybody there. Instead of copying mp3s to USB sticks and plan the set I should have enjoyed the shows.

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Melt2012 – friday night and saturday preview

There is a kind of rain which seems inconspicuous. But it’s crawling into your bones after a while, it’s steady and mean and merciless. The horizon becomes blurry and faces become grey. It’s not refreshing, it’s not dramatic. It’s just annoying. On a festival, this kind of rain is even more depressing and I was really afraid that we were going to have it here at Melt2012. But slowly, during saturday afternoon, clouds faded away and with The Rapture entering the stage, the sun came out eventually. Stage and people bathed in the golden light and the festival finally could start for real. Read more →

Melt 2012 – Thursday night and friday preview

Melt started yesterday with a soft preparty in the Intro tent. Considering the rainy weather, the tent will probably be the most popular venue this year. Toy were one of the openers and did a good job with impressive trumpets and trombones. Mike Skinner as a DJ was quite disappointing again, he has a selection but doesn’t mix and has no strategy whatsoever. People liked it anyhow.
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Melt! I’m coming

I am almost on my way to Melt! festival 2010 where I will be working again this year. Massive attack, The XX, Goldfrapp or Get Well Soon will not be any of my clients but Kode 9, Mala, Maskinen, Modeselektor, … Read more →