How to cook stuffed cabbage

Sick at home. Time to cook something good and healthy. Here is one classic German dish: Stuffed cabbage. In this case done with savoy cabbage and minced meat. A great winter meal to have with potatoes or just bread.

Cabbage is great in winter time. It’s full of vitamins and other nutrients, it’s cheap and the taste can be very elegant depending on the sort and the way you prepare it. It’s also a very German thing, we like all sorts of cabbage, white one, red one, Sauerkraut, Brussels sprout, you name it. Dig into German culture and try it out!

Go ahead and buy a whole head of savoy cabbage.


1. Take off the outer leaves
2. From the next layers, take off 6 nice big leafs
3. Put these leafs for 2 minutes into boiling, salted water until they are soft
4. Cut the rest of the cabbage in half
5. Take one half and cut it nicely in little stripes
6. Cut an onion into little cubes
7. Put the stripes and the onions into a hot pan with butter. Stir fry for ten minutes until they are nicely roasted, add a little clove of garlic through a garlic crusher
8. Warm up 50ml of milk, preheat the oven on 220° C
9. Cut a slice of old bread into little cubes and put them into the milk to soften
10. Don’t forget to stir the cabbage. Add some flavors: thyme, cumin and / or caraway (helps with the digestion also), salt, peppar and nutmeg (important)
11. Mix 250g of raw minced meat with one egg and the bread and milk
12. Mix with the roasted cabbage, taste it! Add more flavour if needed
13. Fill the big precooked cabbage leafs with the mass, one to two spoons for each leaf
14. Fold them nicely into little packs and put them, with the weld down in an oiled baking tin, put a little piece of butter on top of each
15. Put them in the oven for 15 minutes until they are brown and roasted from the outside
16. Add 200 ml of vegetable broth and let it cook for 45 more minutes

It should look like this and enough for 3-4 persons.

stuffed_savoy cabbage recipe


Good luck!