An electronic music map

I just received a link to one of the most complete, interactive and interesting done presentation about electronic music.
The Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music.

Electronic Music Guide

As you can see in the picture (click for big) it represents all kind of genres and their links. Moreover, it´s all interactive flash, so you can even listen to several examples for each genre. More than 5 hours of music in total sum time! It´s really good work and a lot of fun. I think you can even call it E-Learning!

Trying out new layouts

I just upgraded to WordPress 1.5 which gives me stunning oppurtunity to change the look&feel of the website just by a mouseclick. Awesome! Rightnow I am trying out different types of design, temporarily you´ll see the one I made for Circle Culture. I will redesign this as well, but please leave a comment about what you think about the change!

New Stylewalker Mix! Funky Urban Wild Pitch


I wanted to do this for a long time, finally I made it.
It´s a new Stylewalker-Mix, called “Funky Urban Wild Pitch”!
Because it´s funky and the music is urban and it´s wild pitch because it´s from Hip Hop to Techno a really crazy blend in style and velocity. So, please download it as fast as you can, I will not host it for a long time for security reasons. And please: Use the comments to give me feedback, I would really like to know what you think about it. Continue reading

Berlin is a creative city

Some times people really live a lazy life in Berlin. Partying, hanging out, drinking coffee, eating breakfast at 17 o´clock saturday afternoon..
But people really are creative. They occupy free space and fill it with ideas. Shops that only last for two months, galleries filling the gap between two lodgers, clubs in old banks, industrial sites, cellars or flats. Here´s a nice example of how to turn a sandheap of a construction site into a temporary piece of art. Until today, monday, when the construction workers resume their job..

Art in Berlin

The photo was taken in the Kastanienallee, corner to Schwedterstraße on Sunday, 10th April 2005.