Golden Era Mixtape


My fellow readers know that I love golden era hip hop from the juicy times of the early nineties. Phat rolling beats, warm analog feel, organic, soulful samples. Laid back music to cruise the city, chill at the barbecue and open your windows on a summer day. English dj and producer Krafty Kuts now put together a selection of his favorites that influenced him and you can feel the passion and his excitement for this important time for rap, hip hop and music in general. Exquisitely mixed, you want to turn up your speakers and put them next to the open window, so the whole block can nod their heads.

Fashawn – The beginning

Bildschirmfoto 2013-12-10 um 17.37.46
Such a cool and reduced video, everything seems to run fast but Fashawn seems to rap at a normal speed. Simple setting, black and white. Slowed down old school beat and precise voice. Reminds me of Rasko and his Cali Agents which he had with Planet Asia. Five head nods for this.

And if you now wonder how they did this, here is the explanation by a friend who is a filmmaker: “Play the sound at 60% speed, let the guy rap to it and the other guys do their thing. Play it at 140% and it looks like he is rapping at normal speed and all the rest is super fast.” Thanks to Martina from Stift und Papier for this!

And to Megaloh for the hint to the video.

Chefket ist der neue Max Herre

Chefket Video Snapshot

Ich hoffe, dieser Junge wird richtig groß. Richtig guter Rap, richtig gute Musik, vielfältig, poppig, soulig, super produziert und ein guter Sänger ist er auch. Seine Texte sind nachdenklich, reflektiert, lyrisch, und hab ich gesagt, dass er richtig gut rappen kann? Dieser Mann nimmt mich mit auf seine Gedankenreisen und Geschichten übers Erwachsen werden, Identität, Waffenexporte und Zukunftspläne. Ein fantastisches Debut, u.a. mit Marteria, Samy Deluxe, Motrip und Tua.

Wenn es noch ein Argument für die doppelte Staatsbürgerschaft brauchen sollte, dieser Song ist voll davon. “Ich mag Rap, auch wenn es gar keinem gefällt, ich bin ein Farbfleck, in dieser schwarz-weißen Welt.”

Und hier die ganze EP

Chefket auf Facebook

Artist to watch: Wyn Davies

Bildschirmfoto 2013-07-10 um 18.53.39

Rolf Eden, der letzte Playboy Deutschlands, übernimmt in diesem sehr coolen Video die Rolle des Protagonisten und scheint die Texte zu rappen “Where’s my girl, where’s my number one?”. Der Beat schön oldschoolig fett mit Piano-Sample, der Flow sicher und charismatisch: Wyn Davies ist ein Artist to watch. Der Frankfurter Halb-Tscheche und Halb-Waliser, der jetzt in Berlin lebt und sein Englisch in Kalifornien gelernt hat, klingt klassisch und modern zugleich. Den Track kann man sehr oft und hören und das Video ist, wie gesagt, ziemlich cool. Heike Makatsch taucht auch auf, übrigens.

Watch Dillon Cooper



It’s a revival of the classic golden era sounding rappers. You know the Underachievers, here comes Dillon Cooper. He is 19, from Brooklyn, music student, pianist, rapper. Good flow. Smart.

His latest single gains some interest, even in Germany. Take a double bass, take some warm drums, a hypnotic rap, a good production, here is State of Elevation. It’s a hit.

Before he did justice to Mobb Deep on “Survival of the fittest” from january.

Tim Larew of The Fresh Heir interviewed him and tells the story. Here is the second part of the interview.

The song which kick started him is “Shadows”.

He’s not really a lyricist but he has a great flow and his videos definitely help with his popularity. In which he also appears as a director. So he is talented in many ways and he’s young and he seems, as said, smart. I think he’s a guy to watch (but he should definitely get a website).

Photocred: Soulculture


New favorite hip hop crew: the Underachievers. They are young but their sound is somewhat timeless. A little Golden Era, a little conscious school, some reduced modern effects. Very laid back, very lyrical, very simple but very compelling. I’ve been listening to their mixtape “Indigoism” several times and it’s become a good friend, like someone you know well but always hope to find out more about.

The Underachievers are two kids in their early 20ies from Flatbush, Brooklyn and got signed on Flying Lotus’ label Brainfeeder. Their background is clearly Flatbush, Brooklyn and the Carribean communities there. Their lyrics often are about mind travelling and perception of things and one of them, Issa Gold, likes to anser philosophical questions like if evil really exists on his Tumblr.

Here are the best interviews I found, one on and another one at MTV Hive.

(The picture is also taken from, thx!)

Their videos are class, capturing that typical Brookly neighborhood vibe:

So devilish video:

The Mahdi video

Gold Soul Theory

Herb shuttles

And here is the mixtape which made them famous:


We’ll hear more of them, I am sure!

Kensaye, a French producer in London


I get a lot of music submissions for this blog and often I know from the way the mail is written that I am not going to be interested. This case was different. The mail was personal and concise and by the producer himself. His name is Kensaye and he writes: “My name is Kensaye, I am a French producer based in London, UK. I focus on soul/hip-hop/electro/chill music and I release material from time to time. I’m unsigned and independent.”

I had no idea what to expect but this super relaxed, soulful and diverse remixes really caught my ear and heart. Listen to Nicolay & Kay, the Roots, Ellie Goulding, Aaliyah and Notorious BIG stuff remixed. Sometimes it’s very minimalistic and reduced, distorted and distracted, but always hypnotic and room filling. I like the stuff and recommend to follow Kensaye on Soundcloud.

Here is a little video from London with the rapper Innocent who got a beat for his birthday. A bit long in the beginning but a good vibe of cruising around in the end;

Photo credit: Kamran Rhezekani