A friend of mine is building an island

Well, we don´t know if this crazy idea ever will be real, but at least it´s brilliant as an architecture diploma project. Here´s the deal: Not far from Hong Kong, in the yellow sea, there will rise a swimming island for leisure, wellness, shopping, gambling, working and eating. There will be shows, shops, swimming pools, hotels. Because Hong Kong is so crowded already, their only exit is the sea.
It´s a very ambitious project, good luck to Johannes and his mate, enjoy some photos and if you have links about similar projects, please, leave a comment! Continue reading


I went to see “Spanglish” yesterday, the Berlin preview in English, aehm, Spanglish. Nice setting, started like an interesting comedy about family, culture and language. But after an hour it bored me so much that I started thinking about something else instead. Blogging strategies, for example..


Do you know Metacritic? A collaborative media-critic site. Very good, very useful. I should have listened to them, the film was no more than mediocre..

Strial – Carbon Empire

Goosebumps.. Deep House is my old love. 3 minutes intro and my blood starts rushing when finally a hihat starts clicking. This is one of those tracks that are so simple, even predictable, but yet so soulful, trancy and intransigent, it takes control over me. Hands up, eyes closed, move..

Mp3 IconStrial – Carbon Empire (MP3, 7,3 MB)

Strial are french, Carbon Empire is a netlabel release on Edensonic, I found this track via the De-Bug Podcast. Have a nice week!

Maximo Park – The coast is always changing

“The accent is soo cute!” – that´s what American girls would say. “Hm.. Dylan and Belle and Sebastian, maybe?” – that´s what a mediocre music critic would write.

Maximo Park

I just like the song “Mp3 IconThe coast is always changing“. Sounds like spray from the sea, a little melancholic and soft, with a driving beat, a harmonica and a great horus for sing along. That´s definitively a hit!

Thanks to SXSW and Tonspion.