Catalounge Concert

Catalounge singerI am glad I took the long way to Hospitalet yesterday – because the concert was great. These guys are stars to come, they are so hot! Good music and a solid fanbase. An energetic show and a variety of songs. If I get the chance to see them, I will definetely go again!

That’s why I added them to the “Stylewalker artists” – people I like and I want to help with promoting their music.

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Catalounge in Cold Russian Barcelona

The nordic cold is coming down to Barcelona and we are surprised with nasty cold and windy rain. Yesterday, I had ice in my hair!
Well, concerning that back in Berlin they have their river frozen, it is still pretty cozy.

Anyway, this does not really lift my mood for going to a conncert. Even less, when it is like a journey with the metro, but I really want to see them. Their name is Catalounge and the reason I want to go basically is that I met one of the musicians at Bread and butter and we had very good time working the cables there..

Their concept is nice (and pretty fashionable as well, I must admit): “Electro mestizaje” – It’s a very broad and versatile mix of all sorts of lounge, drum’n’bass, down and breakbeat spheres with snippets of guitars and minimal vocals. I especially liked their track Sound Icon Encantador de serpientes.

Tonight they play in Hospitalet which is not exactly Barcelona, but I’ll still go. They better be good!! I wanted to go tomorrow but the police shut down the place where they were supposed to play. Man, Barcelona really is getting conservative..

Blinkenlights documentation

Blinkenlights1One of the most amazing media installations ever was “Blinkenlights” in Berlin 2002. I just found the Movieicon documentation video via their podcast. You must watch it, it kicks you off your feet!

The hacker commmunity Chaos Computer Club (CCC) used the abandoned skyscraper “Haus des Lehrers” on Alexanderplatz to turn the windows facade into a gigantic monochromatic screen. Over 8 floors with 144 spot lights formed this huge interactive display that could be seen even hundreds of metres from above.

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Bread and butter in full action

It’s the second day of the “tradeshow for selected brands” here in Barcelona and I think it is a big success. It is sunny and warm, people carry their coats in their hands and I know that 30 000 new people in their database make the organizers happy. Bread and butter peopleA busy murmuring is in the air and the fashion people seem not to be too impressed by each others style.

Big sunglasses, baggy jeans that look vintage but cost a fortune, suits that do not look like suits and surprisingly similar haircuts are the visitors trademarks. Although those people deal with selected brands and individuality in general, they look astonishingly alike. It’s a very focused scene: There are the buyers for fashion stores and chains, independent designers who produce for their own little brands and also the big corporate machine players with their inescapable position terms like chief of marketing, brand manager or creative director. And they are all in the database..

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Cableguy for Bread&Butter Barcelona

Right now, I am in front of a bunch of hundreds of metres of messy ethernet cables. “Unwire them and then put them nicely into groups of 3, 5, 7 and 10 metres. Later you can assemble wall enclosures” my boss told me. I am the cable guy. I am a hand for constructing the Bread&Butter Barcelona which will take place from 18th to 20th of january. And I am glad to have a job. I guess I will be posting now and then some pictures from the construction site. It’s great, already many people working to put together one of the styliest fashion events in Europe. Stylewalker will be part of it.
Bread and Butter Barcelona Bread and Butter Barcelona
Before and after


NitsacardSince september I am the proud owner of a Nitsa card. This card gives the owner discount in Barcelona’s best club, Nitsa in Apollo. The motto is “electrotechno use only” but actually it is less hard than it sounds. Quality electronic club music would be a good description as well.

The club is located in an old theatre and the guys, who also organize the excellent Primavera Sound Festival, invite fine and innovative DJs. I don’t know if I go out tonight, to the rather harsh electro DMX crew, but for sure I will enjoy the magnificent Dominik Eulberg january 21st.

You can apply to getting a card answering a few questions. If you are cool enough, like me, they’ll send it to you. The form is on their website, behind the little “plastic”-icon.

Get free WiFi in Barcelona

Biblioteca RavalThe best way to connect yourself to the internet in Barcelona with your wifi-able laptop is to become a member of the public libraries of Barcelona. Almost every one has a wireless router which you can access with your member number. It is totally free and the buildings are amazing, they give you a map and information about opening hours when becoming a member.

Right now I am sitting in the one in Raval, the Biblioteca Pública Sant Pau – Santa Creu in c/ Hospital. It is 15min before closing and they have the nice habit to turn on some music. In my case it’s Boby Dylan’s “Everybody must get stoned”.. Pleasent places, really.