On my way to Outlook festival

Before I boarded the plane this morning, I took a look at the weather forecast for Pula, Croatia: rain until monday. Well, quite disappointing. But maybe the right thing to lower my expectations a bit. Which are dangerously high since I have seen and heard such great things about the “worlds best bass music festival” on a beautiful peninsula in Croatia next to the old coast town of Pula.

Now I am sitting in Venice, looking over the adriatic coast, in the sun with an espresso and it is hard to imagine that on the other side the weather could be any less good. But wait, Venice, why Venice? Well, the roads to Outlook are not really straightforward.

All flights there cost a fortune. And they already did 4 weeks ago. Some of them take longer than a day. I tried for hours to find a good combination, also to fly to Ljubiljana, Zagreb or Triest. But no. Until I took a look at the actual map and saw an intersting dotted line from the harbour of Pula: A ferry to Venice!

And that´s why I am here now, I am waiting for a ship which will take me to the other side, almost directly to the festival site. Finally, this idea of flying to Venice with Easyjet and then smoothly getting in on a boat like a sailor was tempting and also affordable enough for me to spontaneously make this decision to go and cover the Outlook festival.

So stay tuned and read more about my trip during the upcoming days.

My best tracks from the Devorama party

The Devorama party was a big, packed, sweaty and joyful event. I was superhyped and excited that everything went so well and sat at the terrace with the last crew until the sun rose. The party guests showed their devotion with buying more drinks after the 30 free beer crates were gone. And of course, I took my chance to play some tunes after Symbiz had finished the energy loaded show. Here are my favorites of this quite dark dubstep set which actually made some people dance in the end.

Starting very dark and intense with Kryptic Minds – Badman VIP

Spill in some echo reggae sweetness, RSD – Kingfisher

It gets a bit funkier and people start to get it with Killawatt’s Mantra

And my highlight Distal – Booyant

I ended with more straight tunes, like Martyn and Mike Slotts All Nights

to hand over to Paula who continued with discoish tunes from the Loftus Hall

The pic up there is by Matze Hielscher, finde more party pics here!

Symbiz Sound

Symbiz Sound are probably the most entertaining bass music crew in Berlin, these two guys blow your mind when they play live. They go mental on their self built controller, sing, rap, play guitar, use the siren extensively and know exactly how to play with the audience. The first time I saw them, they managed to fill an empty tent with a raging crowd over the course of 30 minutes.

Symbiz’ ragga and tropical infused dubstep is densely filled with effect sounds, interesting changes, great vocals and funny ideas. Computer games get mashed in, a polka band, ironic shouts. It’s great fun, not too serious, yet with an attitude. These guys know what they’re doing and they never seem to run out of ideas.

Here is their most recent video, “Who cares?” as a 3D version. You’ll need cyan/red glasses to see it properly. Here’s the 2D version.

Here is the making-of which shows the immense effort needed to produce this. They got support by the Technical University of Braunschweig.

To prove their live qualities watch this:

At Melt, I was so impressed that I took the chance and asked them if they wanted to play at our P3000 Devorama summer party. And they said yes! So now I am so looking forward to tomorrow when they blow the roof off the place where we usually work.

The picture is from the Juicy Beats Fb page.