Ist Sarah Palin Loriot?

Immer wenn ich Sarah Palin höre, muss ich an Loriot denken. Die Frau ist Comedy pur. Zunächst ein von Tina Fey in exakt denselben Worten praodierte Passage aus ihrem berüchtigten Couric-Interview: und hier ein echter Loriot Klassiker. Der Politiker Karlheinz … Read more →

Berliner Straße exhibition

The most exciting moment of Berlin Art Forum is already over? Probably. Because the furious and multicreative festival that international artists put up yesterday at the opening of Berliner Straße at .BHC has been a firework of wonderful moments. Rooms, … Read more →

Show U Love and Siboney

Two tracks that rocked the party last friday at Pan Am Lounge were the Audiofly remix of “Show U Love” and Daniel Mehlhardt’s remix of Fausto Messina’s “Siboney”. While the first is a true deep house banger that just grooves … Read more →

R.I.P. Rio

Although I was never a really big fan of Rio, it’s kind of a sad feeling to see its ruins. The stairs I danced in front of all alone in cruel daylight. Berlin Battery has more pictures, has some … Read more →