Multi-Touch Interaction Research

Rember “Minority Report”? The best thing in this movie were the fascinating interfaces the policemen used to gather information. Big touchscreens that react to the movements of several fingers or even several hands on interactive walls or table tops. Well, there is something like this in reality and of course, I liked the idea of the digital touchscreen turntable (as seen in the picture).

Jeff Hahn and his colleagues at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University are working on that and there’s an impressive movie clip to visualize their efforts. Mindblowing, music by Peter Kruder.

[via sounds.imnetz]

What is Favelas baile funk?

Malcewski Melancholia“It is a dance organized by the drug lords, where the violence and frustration explodes.”
Remember “City of God?” I recently watched this great movie again.

So, what’s the origin of violence and war? The answer seems simple: Angry young men. Sociologically this is summarized in the theory of the “Youth Bulge” which describes the battle of the sons for the powerful positions in a society. Happens all over the world for centuries, again and again. Terror and war are the most recent outcomes, the scientist Gunnar Heinsohn has written a fascinating book about the connection between the spare sons, fundamentalism, terror and war: “Söhne und Weltmacht” And now enjoy a short clip from the VICE travel DVD “Surviving the slums of Rio” Continue reading

Stephen Colbert is the bomb

I wish, we had such a sharpminded satiric in Germany to confront politicians with their everyday madness. Here are my favourite interviews with US congressmen from the Colbert report (the series is called “Better know a district”). Hilarious: A Republican who doesn’t know the ten commandments, the unopposed candidate whom Colbert asks to say things that would “really lose you the elcetion” (had he a challenger) or the Oregan congresswomen he asks if she is high. Click for the videos
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To all my disco brothers and sisters

DJ Julian on DJs AnonymousShake your hips beneath the mirror ball, it’s disco time! A mix full of classics, singalongs and booty shakers. Put yourself into the saturday night fever, flip your fingers and tap your toes: It’s DJ Julian from New York in an überfunky discomix. With some nice changes he keeps the groove and has a good feel for the music.
A classic on Djs Anonymous I found lately.
I know, I should have posted this on Saturday night but I was busy partying.
Funky classics and rare disco edits from DJ Julian of New York City
Download the whole mix including the artwork

Zukunftsvisionen für Berlin nach dem BVerfG-Urteil

“Polizeipräsidium, hallo! … Ach, das Kanzleramt, wie nett.. Wer kommt? .. Ratspräsident..? Ja, tut uns sehr leid, sie wissen ja, wir müssen sparen.. Könnte der seine Polizisten vielleicht selber mitbringen?”

“FU Servicehotline, hallo! .. Ja, natürlich können Sie nach den Studiengebühren fragen, wo sind Sie denn geboren? Ja, ich brauche dann auch die Geburtsurkunde.. einen Augenblick, Hessen sagten Sie? .. Das sind dann 3567€ pro Semester.. Was, viel Geld?! Ja, seien Sie doch froh, dass sie aus Frankfurt kommen, für Bayern wäre es noch teurer!!.. Aber das sind ja keine Gebühren, wenn sie hier nach dem Studium eine Firma machen und mindestens zwei Leute zehn Jahre beschäftigen, bekommen Sie doch alles wieder zurück!”

“Guten Tag, sie sprechen mit dem automatischen Anrufbeantworter der Berlin Marketing GmbH. Wenn Sie einen maroden Plattenbau zu Lofts umbauen wollen, drücken Sie bitte die 5. Wenn Sie Informationen zum Art Forum, der Popkomm oder IFA wollen, die sind jetzt in Danzig, Ljubiljana und Prag. Planen Sie einen Ausflug nach Berlin? Dann schauen Sie doch in einem unserer zwei Museen vorbei! Wir bedauern, dass kein Personal für ein persönliches Gespräch vorhanden ist. Wenn Sie dennoch in Berlin investieren wollen, dann suchen Sie doch einfach im Internet.”

Karaoke at Intersoup

Intersoup BerlinFoto by *n*o*o*r at FlickrIntersoup is a typical Berlin bar and restaurant with this special second hand charme, old furniture, funny wallpapers, old lamps and many sofas. They have the best priced soups (attention: spicy!) and friendly people at the bar. Tonight is Karaoke and since I rediscovered my love for singing last sunday at the fleamarket, I’ll be there yelling my lungs out after a cocktail or two. Come and enjoy! Intersoup, Schliemannst. 31.

Berlin: Festival of lights

Festival of lights
Some say it’s kitsch, some say, the colours look like candy, I think, it’s the perfect autumn spectacle.
Imagine taking a walk with your date, down “Unter den Linden” to the Dome and the Old National Gallery, all iluminated in different moods, sitting down on some bench with a paper cup of tea in your hands. This should put you in the right atmosphere for getting to know each other..

Watch a 360° panorama of Berlins festival of lights
[via Hauptstadtblog]

No time to blog

Believe or not, children, today I am actually working hard and thus have no time to blog. Neither can I read blogs, which leads to the assumption that people who write and / or read blogs have lots of time and therefore probably are unemployed or students.

Thank you all that passed by the fleamarket yesterday where I tried to sell some personal belongings such as books, clothes and records of great value. It was big fun meeting you all and singing the tunes of my 45″ singles collection to make them recognizable. I think, some people just bought stuff to make me stop..