Nike Football Campaign

Joga BonitoCertainly, we are going to see a war for awareness in summer when the world is watching the football world cup and the opponents: Adidas vs Nike.

Nike already started a massive internet campaign with “Joga bonito” (Portuguese for “Play nice”). You’ll find many cool movies and a community: (the page with the fastest growing rate of attention lately, as per

Talk about viral effects: The videos are little masterpieces about how to play beautiful football and the website makes it easy to share. Of course yu can send an email with link, but there’s also a code snippet, people can put into their websites. Here’s an example: Continue reading

Last Call For Disco

Last Call for discoIt’s an appealing name for a band, isn’t it? Four young men from Berlin performed yesterday at the semi-regular “LoFi Lounge” at Schokoladen, Ackerstraße, organized by Kitty.

(By the way: If the guys from Schokoladen could not continue with their concerts due to a more expensive hire contract, it would be a shame. Great location for new music, always!)

Around 20h, I passed by and heard the driving beat from inside, the guys did their soundcheck. I liked it and their name “Last Call For Disco”, and since it is only five minutes from my flat I went later to see their concert. Continue reading

I painted my wall in red

Red WallI always wanted to do this: paint one of my walls in a strong colour. It had to be red and I decided to take a colour they call “Ziegelrot”. It is very srong and dominant and I took me a LONG time to paint it. I still find some sites to improve. What do you think? Mean comments are welcome but they have to be funny!
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Guido Argentini at Camerawork

Update:Unfortunately, I had to take the pictures down because it violated the copyright of the artists. Feel free to check the rest of my blog anyway, about art, music, Berlin and lifestyle.
guido argentini erotic photoA highly recommended exhibition is Guido Argentini’s “Private Rooms” in Berlin’s most famous gallery for photography: Camerawork. An excellent photographer who worked for glossy magazines and is best in taking elaboret yet crispy pictures of strong women in erotic poses.

The impacting big prints of “Private Rooms” show roles, certainly fantasies and games in between dominance and seduction. Somebody said: “A good mix of Playboy and Helmut Newton”. By all means, he most likely knows how to establish a good relationship with his models.

Cameraworks is in Kantstraße 149. You can see more of his work on his website. Or just
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New DJ Shir Khan mix

On short notice: a new DJ Shir Khan Mix: “I can see your Tiger Stripes”.


As the tiger says himself: A mix of techno-baile, romantic future distortions, baltimore crunk, stairway to heaven-rock, modern disco and current rave anthems.
…featuring queens and kings like uffie, hollertronix, spankrock, edu k, studio r, chloe, john tejada, tomboy, digitalism, cut copy, in flagranti, sebastian, christopher just…


Barcelona Street Art

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Barcelona Street ArtWhile looking for Pian&Hase on Google (because they failed to give me their press information.. artists – you need an agent!) I found Mr. Case. He not only runs the stunning page, but also documents the works of urban decorators on Flickr and YouTube. Watch his movie about the short life of a street art object. Continue reading

Pian & Hase Magazine Launch

Out Now!Now I have to say goodbye to Barcelona and my heart is bleeding not only a little. A nice last event was the launch of Venezolanian artists Pian & Hase at the Intro store in Gracia. They produce pop arty, streety and hiphoppy designs.
They already worked in many different places all over the world and now really like it in Barcelona. Watch more fotos on Stylewalker@Flickr.

Let math and design mingle

ButanglasanimationRicard Marxer Piñón is an artist who combines the mathematics of signal processing with the esthetics of font, fotos and sound. On a highly abstract level he e.g. uses reduced letters to create new shapes out of words.

The animation on the right side is a processed picture of burning gas in a glass. He is also working with the (to me, until now, unknown) programming language Processing I recommend his highly entertaining website

I got to now him about a common friend who is an astrophysicist. Oh, it’s nice when the worlds blend..

New York – Barcelona – Berlin

Old russian in BrooklynIt is been a week that I am back in Barcelona, still, I had to share some thoughts about my American experiences. I have talked to many people about the trip to NYC and it has been interesting to discuss the good and the bad sides of this vibrating place. Next saturday I am going to go back to Berlin, with “one crying and one laughing eye” to express it with a German saying. But first, here’s what’s left on my mind about New York.

It was too cold. I am sure to go back to New York some day, but it will definetely be in a less freezing moment. You cannot enjoy the hidden jewels of a city if the snooze drops like ice from your nose. When you, despite a thick woolen cap, cannot feel your ears.
We couldn’t walk around, we always needed a target. So probably we missed out many nice spots. The ones that were shown to me had a nice atmosphere of creativity and ideas, but also always of competition and ambition. Continue reading