Melt Festival Line Up

Melt FestivalYeah, it’s out and has some pretty names on it:
Dizzee Rascal, ClickClickDecker Deichkind vs. Snap! feat. Special Guests, Booka Shade, Dendemann, The Faint, Frankie Says: Melt! (formally known as Frankie Goes To Hollywood), Goose, Lady Sovereign, Motorpsycho, The Notwist, Polarkreis 18, The Thermals, Tiga, Tocotronic, Trentemøller w/Band
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Cookies revisited

Cookies BerlinJulie, thank you for the picture!I have to admit: I really love that place. My flatmates just ran off to make their first visit to Cookies but this time I be a good boy and stay home. Science wants me tomorrow. But since the opening party two months ago, I guess I have been there six or seven times and it has always been great. Seeing people I do not normally meet, enjoying the special, hedonistic atmosphere and listening to really great music.

I danced to Sebo K, Acid Maria, Shir Khan, Carsten Kleeman, Clé.. and the sound has majorly improved and now fills the old cinema with bombastic waves of bass and melody. Almost every night there is a band, pretty unknown mostly, deep and sometimes experimental. It’s an interesting climax because after the show, it’s like the party begins. Enjoy some more fotos after the click and that’s enough for the promotion right now.
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Stockholm style, fashion and nightlife

Hanna FridenEverybody is so crazy about Scandinavian design, especially in fashion lately, with labels like Acne or Cheap Monday capturing the world in no time. Having lived in Sweden I can confirm that Swedes DO have a lot of style, whether it be skater, lady or lad. It was fantastic living in Linköping (not for the style only, please, of course for the calm and warmhearted people). I also had a punk band there, but that’s another story..

Today I want to recommend Hanna Fridén who runs a blog (and does graphics and works for the magazin Stureplan and so on..) with lots of nice stories and moreover great photos of Stockholm people, fashion and lifestyle. She has also has a very charming writing. Which you can only enjoy if you read Swedish. Ha! No, seriously, I know some people who come here and understand it – Svenskar, var är ni? Säg något, är ni snäll!

Kornél Kovács in the mix

Kornel Kovacs at SpybarThis man rocked the club last saturday where I lost two jackets, a scarf and my keys. Good news is: I got it all back! But wow, what a party. Kornél Kovács is only 21 years old, lives in Stockholm and plays clubs like the Spybar or Teatron. We were happy to welcome him here in Berlin – and much more than the welcome I hardly remember.

So it’s a fantastic club, not only because lost things get found, but because of the familial atmosphere. And it’s so secret that I was told not to write anything about it – not even here on this tiny, unimportant blog. Wow. But that’s ok, exclusiveness is a secret to many succesful places.
All I can give you is this pack of stompy techy Stockholm electro tunes, please imagine the blond girls closing their eyes and shaking their hair: Kornél Kovács and his halloween mix and some pictures from the last “Nacht” at Spybar


Time for some grime: Roll Deep – Rules and regulations

Roll Deep CrewRoll Deep is probably the most famous Grime crew – Dizzie Rascal was part of it, Whiley still is and they are deeply connected with the pirate radio scene. But despite having sold 60000 units of their first album “In at the deep end” so far, and playing liveshows with people like Snoop Dogg in the UK, Asia, Europe, e.g. Grimetime in Berlin, nobody there can afford a us-rapstarlike lifestyle – the 13 members predominantly still live in East-London’s housing estate “The estate”. Still. That might change. (Click for their new video)
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Mikey’s party on lastnightsparty

Lastnightsparty MikeyAnd Merlin Bronques goes on and on, travelling the world with his camera and giving the hedonistic youth of today a face. Or: Many, many faces, pretty and sexy.

This time, he obviously met a class of young housewives who practice together. So we have sewing machines, white shirts, glasses, absinth and a deer. Cheers: Mikey’s factory on lastnightsparty.
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Unsigned Myspace hype: The infiltrators

InflitratorsSmells like hits: Swedish producers with their unimitable talent to combine underground and mainstream. Clubtunes, optimized to the maximum sound, bouncy and driving, strange vocal hooks and a shiny neorave design. I hear Candi Staton meet Steve Bug, Detroit Grand Pubahs and French influences like Cassius or Ed Banger – check out The Inflitrators. Fits perfectly to this webfinding: Mikeys party on Last nights party.