Edward Burtynsky

Coal SteelIs a photographer who documents industrial landscapes: “Nature transformed through industry is a predominant theme in my work. I set course to intersect with a contemporary view of the great ages of man; from stone, to minerals, oil, transportation, silicon, and so on. To make these ideas visible I search for subjects that are rich in detail and scale yet open in their meaning. Recycling yards, mine tailings, quarries and refineries are all places that are outside of our normal experience, yet we partake of their output on a daily basis.”
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MyMy DJ Mix

I am posting many DJ mixes here, at least one per week. I like listening to them, it’s always an update for recent clubmusic and makes you whistle the synth-melodies on the dancefloor. But I needed to wait long for a mix that makes me so hypnotized, euphoric and excited.

If you ever thought housemusic was in danger, in between boring, uninspired, dull rhythms and ideas and the big commercial Ibiza monster, you can understand when Kerry Chandler says: “I see you’re lost.. lost in the oblivion.. trying to follow the trends.. believing in your own hype..”. But relax, because here are the people who are going to heal house music. And their name is: MyMy.

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Testing out Nintendo’s Wii

Wii BerlinBig words, but why not, I think this is a real revolution for video gaming. Nintendo Wii uses a totally new controlling concept: no buttons and cursors, the machine tracks the movements in space! Sounds complicated? Here’s an example: Play golf not by pressing buttons but by moving the controller as if you had a golf club in your hand. Same goes for bowling, boxing, tennis or the popular game Zelda.

I had the chance to test this new product because I was invited to the Berlin based Wii-Crib, a lounge with sofas, big tvs and two Wii stations. Continue reading

Adam Ports Lieblingslieder

Adam PortPhotopraphy: Emmanuelle TricoireJust found this nice mix on Myspace: Adam Port features his favourite songs and blends Zoot Woman, Phil Collins, Muse and Kalkbrenner in an irresistable way. Must be a total killer on the dancefloor. Any. And don’t be misguided by the poppy beginning: After half an hour Adam enters the minimal autobahn and boosts some groovy clicks and serious spherical synths

This Berlin boy (Republish once called him “Westberlin Prankster”) is part of the seven inch soldiers, visit the site for more mixes!


Hendrik Schwarz in the mix

Miss Glitter pointed me to that nice mix by new deep house wunderkind Hendrik Schwarz. It is also an opportunity to talk about Resident Advisor, one of the best sites about club culture and club music. It also features many forums and well written reviews. The greatest thing is the resident advisor podcast Schwarz contributed an episode to. That’s definitely a feed to subscribe to, many, many good mixes, e.g. it features artists like My My, Adam Beyer, Oliver Hacke, Patrick Chadronnet, Kiki or Dominik Eulberg.


Comics about nerds and geeks


If you can laugh about Kopozky you have become someone who might spend too much time with the internet, codes, scripts, servers, accessibilty, webdesign, exhausting customers and online business. I think it’s damn funny!

Take a look at these sympathetic protagonists of this nicely drawn comics. They all seem to have a real correspondent since they depict the employees of Kopozky’s little IT company.

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Ebony Cuts – highest quality in old funk, soul and disco

This is a magic site. It is a world to explore. A world of love for vinyl and old treasures. Storing them, playing it to people and keeping the culture alive. Parties with this music always have a nice feel: well dressed people, smooth moves, drinks and a steadily rising temperature.

Alone the intro to every ebony cuts edition is a must hear. What follows are pearls of soulful, danceable music, fondly blended, in a caring way. Ebony Cuts is one of the best sites to preserve the best of black music and: especially the late seventies disco. With many beautiful seventies disco cover artwork..

Check out the recent november mix!
And here are all the other shows, Ebony Cuts also features guests like Discopatrick or DJ Friction.
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Producer looking for rappers

He keeps sending emails and bulletins. He is looking for singers, rappers and rapperinas to make a producer album. His name is S-Boy J. Why am I telling you this? Do I know this guy? No, but his beats are of this kind fluffy and nice, that, were I a rapper would like to use them for my lyrics. Besides, I like J.’s style: He likes Portishead, Curse, Nirvana and Nancy Sinatra. He’s a good musician. So go ahead, listen to his stuff and tell all your fellow lyricists what’s going on here.

Check S-Boy J. on Myspace and drop him a line if you want to work with him.

I recommend “Children of men”

There is a guy, saving the world and he only wears a pair of sandals. Some journalists called this funny, other biblical, I say it’s just one of the wonderful details of this great movie. Another is that animals seem to like this guy, cats and dogs and chicken.. It’s been long since a movie took me away so much and I am still thinking about it. Let alone the idea how a whorld would look like whithout children being born anymore. For 18 years people are living with the prospect of their kind being extinct. In a world of civilization breaking apart.
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