Testing the Quote.fm embed

Nice, now quote.fm which becomes ever more important to me for finding interesting texts gets an embed feature. This will replace the “quote”-Style in blogs and make discussions about texts across platforms easier to collect and follow.

Here is a fun one (in German):

This one is more serious in my opinion. The position of the German pirate party towards authors and copyright (at least the position of one of his most popular members Christoper Lauer:

Inudge: Create soundloops in a widget

Here is the result of minutes clicking and trying out to build a nice loop with inudge. It’s a great and very intuitive tool, works like a classic drum machine, great to play around with!

On the right side, you’ll find six different sound libraries, the drums are at the bottom, next is base and some synths on top. Click on the matrix to define a sound in the time line, which represents one bar with 16 clicks. Go ahead!

Hip Hop widgets!

I am getting myself together to recover from Melt and collect some thoughts about that amazing festival again, in the meantime, here are two nice hiphop widgets: Unionstreet and Asher Roth.
(I work for P3000 and helped to build Union Street, we also did the Asher Roth widget). Unionstreet is a news platform with lots of community features about urban music and lifestyle, with hardworking editors and daily news about the big bling and the little bang. Asher Roth sounds like a mix of Eminem and Money Mark, easy, funny, funky, singalong music.
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European election badge

European parliament offers a nice widget on their European Parliament MySpace site which breaks down essential political questions in a very simple way. Here is the widget I did:

Too bad it does not show the meaning of the symbols but it goes like this: the cat is for taming financial markets, the sun is for solar energy (althought that’s a little short, I believe we need a mix, which includes nuclear energy BUT with a clear stop in the future), the lock is for open borders, the flash for electric energy for cars, the book is for investments in education (instead of agriculture) and the syringe is for genetic agriculture (and I do not mean Monsanto! I believe public science must undertake a much bigger effort than today to find, also genetically driven, solutions to make agriculture more sustainable and productive.

Notic Nastic’s blogmesite

It’s all in a little, tiny, universe! Yes, Berlin based art-music-club-community Notic Nastic put it all in a widget: their outer space of secrets, fans, music, videos and other crazy hidden stuff. And every month, there will be something else, people can become part of the collective and submit stuff which will then be featured on the little widgetothingy. So this time there is actually a reason to embed this piece of code to your whatever blog or profile. Do and love or don’t and recieve nothing back either, bitches.

P3000 Blogpost Widget from Sproutbuilder

Greenhouse.sproutbuilder.com is an absolute blast. It’s a flash based widget builder which works entirely in your browser window and has a lot of editing features. Build sites with text, video, pictures, slideshows, maps, charts or insert RSS. Define size, fonts, colors, background, effects. Here are the most recent updates from the PANORAMA3000 blog in a widget, it took me 20 minutes to make it nice.

Wordcup in a nutshell

Wordcup is one of Germany’s oldest and most respected hiphop shows. It started in 1996 on the tv channel VIVA but was taken off air in 1996 when VIVA turned into a random music clip and teenie show channel. Wordcup always tried to dig deep into the German rap scene, featured unknown artists, went to jams and concerts and visited musicians in their studios.
Now, Wordcup is back – Hobnox features the hiphop show and wordcup is as fresh as it has always been: Interesting interviews, concerts, famous and notsofamous artists, great editing and cool filming. Watch trailers and read news in this Wordcup (blog me)SITE and if you like it, embed into your blog or Myspace!

Melt! – here we go again

There’s less than a month to wait for Melt! festival taking off again. I’m looking forward to working there again, you can read about my experiences at this beautiful and excessive festival in several articles on stylewalker.net!

I don’t know which artists I am going to take care of this time, I’ll post it as soon as I know. But everything about the line up, maps, tickets, pics and videos you can find in the Melt! (blog me) SITE below. Repost it at your blog (just click “blog me”), Myspace or Facebook and take the chance to win tickets!

The Melt! (blog me) SITE is a product by PANORAMA3000 for Melt!

Snoop Dogg Yo!

The shizl to the izl – Snoop is back, gangster, disco, oldschool – everything he likes blends into his new album Egotrippin. Take a listen and a look at what the self disputed master of the gangster party has for the heads, street and cheesy alike and take a quiz (in German) to find out if you’re a real Snoop expert!

Cklick blogme and put the whole thing to your site, blog, myspace or whatever there izl.