Why Own It?

Here is a new startup I like: Whyown.it. The name is pretty descriptive since it is about collaborative consumption. It’s an app where people catalogue what they own and would be willing to lend. You connect your friend lists from Facebook and can find out what you can borrow from your friends. Simply idea, neatly done, I could take a look at the preview. I think sharing more physical stuff is a way of living more efficiently and resource friendly and a little step into solving the world’s problem of excessive consumption. Respect and all the best to Phillip and his crew. Read more →

Testing the Quote.fm embed

Nice, now quote.fm which becomes ever more important to me for finding interesting texts gets an embed feature. This will replace the “quote”-Style in blogs and make discussions about texts across platforms easier to collect and follow.

Here is a fun one (in German):

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Jetzt wird gerätselt! Gesucht wird ein Bild in den Weiten des Internets. Jeden Tag erscheint dazu in einem anderen Blog ein Beitrag mit einem Hinweis. Hier geht’s zur Übersicht mit allen bisherigen Hinweisen. So wissen wir also schonmal, dass eine … Read more →