Hip Hop widgets!

I am getting myself together to recover from Melt and collect some thoughts about that amazing festival again, in the meantime, here are two nice hiphop widgets: Unionstreet and Asher Roth.
(I work for P3000 and helped to build Union Street, we also did the Asher Roth widget). Unionstreet is a news platform with lots of community features about urban music and lifestyle, with hardworking editors and daily news about the big bling and the little bang. Asher Roth sounds like a mix of Eminem and Money Mark, easy, funny, funky, singalong music.
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A 3D business card

Ok, now here we are with augmented reality, it is starting. We have the tools like webcams and Actionscript and in flow the impressive examples.

AR Business Card from James Alliban on Vimeo.

You can try it too! Print this and go here and be amazed!

It’s done by James Aliban, an artist-developer-scientist who likes to experiment and build stuff with all sorts of hardware and flash. Here is how to build a multitouch screen very easily on your own. And he has many more examples.

(via Michael)

Update: Thanks to Konrad here is another augmented reality example by GE

Fresh Stylewalker DJ mixes

In may, I played at the Webinale party and was quite excited because it took place at Week End club on top of Berlin with a brilliant soundsystem and DJ booth. The party was great and everybody danced plus I was lucky to have the mix recorded so here I can present two 30 minutes mixes, one opening house mix and one which is more dubsteppy and in the end loaded with hiphop classics. Enjoy!


“Ein Jahr nach dem Bürgerentscheid „Spreeufer für alle“ wollen wir dagegen demonstrieren, dass vieles was Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain lebenswert und besonders macht, verdrängt wird. Wir werden nicht zulassen, dass die (sub-)kulturelle und soziale Infrastruktur und unsere urbanexperimentelle Underground- Kiez- und Clubkultur durch einen musikalischen und kulturellen Mainstream ersetzt wird, den wir auch noch mit steigenden Mieten bezahlen müssen. Wir wollen gemeinsam entscheiden, was in und mit unserer Stadt geschieht. Komm zur Demo-Parade am 11. Juli. Wir werden laut sein, wir werden viele sein. Wir sind die Kinder Berlins.”

Und so wars:

Vodafone new German brand campaign

Nobody really likes their telco provider. Everybody can tell a story of a contract which could not be cancelled, about intransparent tariffs, crazy roaming prices (send one mail, pay 5 EUR) and unsatisfying service hotlines. So telecommunication is not a sexy product and what is the telco’s approach to that problem? Change their products? No, it’s massive investment in marketing. Which is why e.g. Peter tells us why telcos are doomed.

Now, Vodafone Germany puts 200 mio. 50-90 mio (!) EUR in a big marketing campaign. And makes it even worse by especially targetting a group of people who feel the need to be online a lot, call them “generation upload” and starting all sorts of social media channels (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and so on). While the term itself might be questionable, the targetting itself is quite smart in my opinion: it is an interesting, important and targettable group. What is missing here in the branding strategy is the consumer insight!

These people who use telecommunication more than others know exactly about the lack of good contracts, good service and fair treatment by their telco provider. They are the ones who are able to tell all the stories I started this blogpost with. Targetting them with advertising without changing the behaviour is exactly the way of one-way marketing and placebo dialogue that should be over since the days of the Cluetrain manifesto.

Vodafone picked the advertising company Scholz & Friends especially for their ideas on social media. But Scholz is an advertising company. They are not business consultants. And social media won’t change that. They talk to marketing directors about ads, not about products. They might talk about products over coffee, but they will never change a company’s behaviour. Claiming to do so, claiming to listen, claiming to put the customer first and then not living up to the expectations is worse than not even rise all sorts of expectations at all.

Of course this is not my sole opinion. The German blogosphere is filled with harsh, taunting, zynical and serious critique. No one of the targeted “generation upload” is impressed by the campaign which was presented this week in a press conference streamed live to the web. Johannes writes in a very short and precise post how a real change could have looked like.

Unlike many commenters I am not talking about sell-out of the blogosphere because some bloggers and prominent twitter users are testimonials of the campaign. That’s not the core of the problem. On the contrary: I hope, they get paid a LOT for being in that campaign. Sascha Lobo, one of the main faces should receive around 100K EUR in my estimation, everything less would be dissapointing.

Moreover, the clip itself is crap! It’s an ad which we have seen in around 100 variations for 100 products in the last 20 years: young, happy, enganged, curious, active people doing young, engaged, active stuff. Wohoo! And the David Bowie interpretation is hideous and hurts! Just to remind you that Vodafone can do better, here is the “Bohemian like you” spot again.

Update:Nevertheless, it’s a very visible campaign and all the buzz that has been created is obviously free brand space. Plus: If you work in internet marketing and like to create social media tools for companies yourself, this is a brilliant example to point to. May it be for the use of social media channels in general or the overall message I hope I made clear in this post: Social media can be about listening and in the end changing behaviour. I am curious how this works out for Vodafone.

The best Michael Jackson remixes

A true Stylewalker leans back. And waits and reads all the Michael Jackson posts and remixes and then selects the best for the reader. (the picture ist taken by the brilliant Ralph Uetzelhöffer who does very nice textportraits) Here we go:

LehtMoeJoe’s Beat it remix – in your face!

Bird Petersons Thriller remix – also very funky face

The Hood Internet / Ratatat Remix to Billie Jean – some kind of Roulé feely music sounds better with you’ish floor smoother

And finally a nice mash of “I want you back” with Lil’ Wayne (find more MJ mashs at Kickin Peanuts)

Boyz Noize – Eat it remix -heavy rock disco

Thriller Disco Tech Remix
– Prins Tomas space disco style, very close to the original

Louis La Roche Thriller remix
– another very compressed, tight floor filler with some fragments and happy moments

Thank you Hype Machine, Popwreckoning, Aimt.us, Chromekids

Looking back at Reboot11

Danish is a funny language. Let alone pronouncing the Reboot11‘s venue “Kedelhallen” correctly is a command of its own. It’s something like “cahilhäln” but we never got it right. Said it, looked into puzzled faces, wrote it down and were told “oh, you mean cahilhäln!” Finally got there, were amazed.

An old industrial building with several rooms, the walls covered with handwritten paper and plans and rooms and talks, with small wooden chairs outside and a 3d printer which can repair its 3d printer brother and a supercreative crowd who didn’t care about business cards and seemed to be really interested in answers (not the kind of people that ask “so, what do you do?” and then look the other way).

And: Whenever talks mentioned the word “crisis”, they never meant the financial crisis but were talking about the climate crisis ahead and how to adress it with smart technology and will. Most of the sessions I found interesting, but I was surprisingly dissapointed by two internet legends who seemed not to care so much about inspiring people: Dave Winer who just let the audience talk and produced a lot of unstructred noise (nothing against open mic but without some outlines there will be nothing of substance) and Stowe Boyd who told us to use our rights on the net. Yeah, thanks.

But some stuff was truly amazing, there was a hellride through all sorts of geo location examples and tools by Andrew Turner, a very dark yet humorous speech by Bruce Sterling (“get the best bed you can get!”) and again, the Placebo of tech festivals, David Weinberger about Cyberutopianism. Not to mention Tor Nørretranders who showed us how literally sharing your shit makes things better.

Look for more posts about reboot11
, thank you again Peter for suggesting me to go!