The truth about focus groups

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If you work in communication you know this situation. “Focus groups” are people picked by an advertising or market research agency who represent customers. They are put in a room to share ideas about a product, a design or a campaign. They are meant to find out “insights” and feedback to test the marketability, but in fact, most of the time they are like shown in the video after the click. Read more →

Answer Code Request Podcast

I have been with this guy for almost ten years now. Patrick has always been a good friend and musical companion, I first blogged about him in 2004 when we played together in Baden Baden. Today is a special day because he has finally come as far as to release a mix on one of the worlds most important dj podcasts, Resident Advisor. This is truly amazing and I am very happy and proud. Read more →

Bristol scene video

Bristol. City in the south of England. Home of so called Trip Hop and the drum n bass scene around Krust and Roni Size. Home of some of my favorite producers like Peverelist, Hyetal, Applebim or Pinch. In this video you’ll meet some of them. From 2011 but still good. Read more →