My own warblog

I have started a new weblog around a subject I really like to talk about: Politics. Its

Anyone who likes is invited to contribute, so please leave me a comment if you want to write. It is in German and of course it is about German politics in these campaign days. It is an experiment as well because I have very clear political opinions but by writing I would like to find out if they are consistent. I would like to say I am realistic but that is only true if you know the whole truth which you will never. So, the more you know, the more difficulut it is to make the right distinctions.

So, let’s blog and find out. Watch me on my way. I am a politcal blogger, too now.

Barcelona Summer House

I found an old summer mix and had to publish it!

I was crate digging in my CDs yesterday to find an old recording of the fairly unknown “Third Ear Foundation”. Finally I found an old mixtape from my time in Barcelona. I recorded it to promote myself in clubs and bars. I only got a few gigs but at least the mix impressed some bar owners to give me a chance. It was always fun to play there for a little money and free drinks. I remember the “Macarena” and especially the “Lupino”.


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Germany´s first commercial blogger network

I wrote about the campaign two days ago and look at the sites now! They actually did it. Just like Gawker Media several blogs around Spreeblick build a network and try to cover niche subjects, typically for bloggers: Games, politics, TV, music. Only gadgets are missing.. Interesting: Being a publishing house gives those blogs new legal possibilities, like the freedom of press. Good luck and thank you for bringing in economic perspectives!