Sitting on the rails

Picture by FuchsblogFunny, I passed by that scene on Kastanienallee yesterday as well but only managed to take a crappy picture with my mobile.

Fortunately, these guys documented it: A whole bunch of people sitting on the tramway rails, enjoying the mild night and occupying public space. Feels a little mediterranean, I must say..

By the way, the cool film festival crew SHORT SHOTS is looking for people to support them in Berlin and Madrid!

Organizational identity by means of narrations in weblogs

ERCO light design in Hong KongThe story I am about to tell is the perfect example of how narration, discourse and computer mediated communication via weblogs work together to tell us about the identity of an organization.

About 4 months ago, Cem Basman published an article about the transformation of the company ERCO from a dull bed stand lamp producer to a worldwinde innovator in lighting. A new manager asks his employees the significant question: “What business are we in, actually?”. “Lamps” was the first answer, and he said “no, it’s light”.
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Playlist Generator and Dixon playlist

By vinyls at record stores!Photo by eanousa@FlickrDJ-Playlists are the currency of attention in the dance scene. People listen to the music in the club and in mixes, e.g. here, they read the titles and labels in magazines, emails and on websites. What scientists do with citations is the DJ-playlist in electronic music.

And it’s all there, there’s tons of playlists and charts on the internet and you can listen to many songs as snippets on Juno or the sites of the labels.

So, theoretically, you could put that together automatically, creating playlists with the corresponding links to the soundfiles, “playing playlists” so to say.
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Berlin’s coolest open air location

Picture by Republish.orgWow, check this out! Plastic tanks, illuminated in different colors, moving in synch with the music, a bar, a dj booth, no roof, right by the river.
That’s Kubik, Köpenickerstr 36, a project by architects and club makers, Suzi Wong played there last saturday (when I worked at Melt!), finally yesterday I enjoyed Kubik with “Breakbeat City”. The architects are Modulorbeat and here’s a cool movie of the project.

Tonight, maybe I’ll be there, but probably I’ll go to one of those unofficial parties in the park (Volkshain Friedrichshain).

Anyway, as long as I can listen to such cool music as this dubby, funky, minimal, fat and dreamy tech house set by Matthias Tanzmann which he did for Sonar 2006 at Marbella Beach in Barcelona, it’s just fine.
Hosted by 26th century. People: Let the party begin.
Downloadlink: Matthias Tanzmann Sonar 2006 Marbella Beach Session

Melt!06 – Looking back to a great festival

Deichkind Photo by Substrat@FlickrSo, first of all: Melt!-festival this year was amazing! It was quite an experience and I think there’s few people who weren’t happy with it. For the visitors, the organizers, the artists, it was just some some incredible days in the sun, in an extraordinary environment with the best music one can imagine. Again, it was like having a party for some 15 000 people.

Yes, I am totally excited about Melt!, not only because I had a great time and met so many interesting people; it’s just this feeling to be part of something special and to share moments to remember. And thanks to YouTube and Flickr I can document all those exciting moments with (moving) images. One year ago, that was not possible. Continue reading

Steve Bug Mix @ Loveradio

Picture from Discogs
On Rapidshare there is a fine Steve Bug mix, very dubby and deepy, from the Loveradio session that took place last weekend at Loveparade. I wasn’t there, I heard it was ok, full city as always, parties, raves, lot’s of sun. You know the game.

Download the mix: Steve Bug @ Loveradio 2006.

As usual in Steve Bug’s mixes, in the end it get’s pushier and pushier. It’s hard to stay by my desk, I wanna throw my hands in the air and scream and dance!

Fotos: Auflegen im Magnet und Seeed-Konzert

Bevor ich mich an den Mörderartikel übers Melt setze, vorher noch ein paar schicke Pics vom Magnet-Auftritt und dem Seeed-Konzert einen Tag später im Treptower Park (Popkick).

Ahh, by the way: New Shir Khan mix which he did for Coke DJ Culture, Suzi Wong‘s radio show.
Cool sounds, just 15 minutes but many recent club hits mash ups.
Downloadlink: DJ Shir Khan for DJ Culture
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Live from Melt!

Melt LogoTwo hours to go, the Pet Shop Boys soundcheck booming in the back, beautiful weather, a little windy, very sunny, relaxed atmosphere, everything seems to be set and I am waiting for “my” artists.

Like last year, I am working as an artist host and am responsible for the well being of the musicians on the festival. Bring towels, organize soccer balls, explain the area, etc. This year I will receive Hot Chip, Aphex Twin, Deichkind, Roni Size, Mediengruppe Telekommander and Peter Licht. Yeah!

I am looking forward to the next two days, if you are close, come around, it is going to be great! There is a lake, you can even go swimming and if you are interested in media contacts, well, I think the whole German music industry will be here.. See you!