My “Massiv e Sharif” dubstep mixtape


I recorded this mixtape a while ago, inspired by my stay at Outlook festival. It’s called “Massive e Sharif”. Massive as in big and voluminous, living bass lines and Sharif as in noble protectors of the tribe for elegant grooves and sophisticated rhythms. Enjoy.


Badman VIP – Kryptic Minds
Blackout – Jack Sparrow
Kingfisher – RSD
Good Music – Bombaman
Sidewinder – Killawatt
Sweat – Untold
Booyant – Distal
The Raven – Biome
Avalanche – Photek
Deep Tech – Icicle
False Flag – Moving Ninja, Pinch

Music history in gifs

What a great selection of historical moments in music history. Here is Tupac in prison while being number one in the charts:

“1995. Tupac releases his most sensitive record, Me Against the World. Subsequently he becomes the first artist to have a record reach number one on the charts while serving a prison sentence. Also, he wrote a screenplay and got married while imprisoned.”

See many many more gifs about music history here.