Suicide Biking in Chile

Breathtaking point of view video taken in Chile by a Mountainbike racer. They just invent a racetrack within a city, no matter how dangerous or impossible it might be. The bike rides over endless stairs, dogs cross the way, kids leaning over the super narrow barriers. If you want to feel a bit nauseous, this is your weapon of choice! Read more →

78 facts about Germans

Liv wrote a highly entertaining, sharp and warmhearted list of facts about Germans and their way to pursue life at the Uberlin blog. I had to nod and laugh several times when reading through it. Here are the ones I could see myself in:

“7. They are very good bike riders – nay, they are exceptional bike riders. They manage to look elegant whilst freewheeling down cobbled streets, pashminas blowing out behind them. They are also highly adept at riding with umbrellas.”
Although I would never, never, never use an umbrella, freewheeling cobble stone makes up for that.
“28. They love the breakfast meal.”
Yes! Breakfast is awesome! Most important meal of the day. Read more →

Keine Wohnung, aber eine Bahncard

Der Autor des Buchs um das es geht, hat viele Namen. Früher war er MC Rene, dann mal Reen, ich kenne ihn als René El Kazhraje und einige Menschen kennen ihn auch als Stefan Eckert. Dieser Stefan war das Alter Ego von René als er nach seiner Rapper-Karriere als Callcenter Agent arbeitete. “Outbound” heißt das und eine Ausgeburt der Hölle muss dieser Job sein. Schließlich beschloss er, seinen Job zu kündigen und auch seine Wohnung, seine Sachen zu verschenken und fortan nur noch unterwegs zu sein. Er besorgte sich eine Bahncard 100 und ist seitdem als Stand Up Comedian in Deutschland unterwegs, seit mehr als 2 Jahren.

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Perfect Spanish summer feeling videos

In Berlin we had a glimpse of summer like about 10 days ago. It was wonderful, girls wearing skirts, boys wearing shorts, we were riding our bikes with sunglasses on, off to a barbecue. Now it’s cold and rainy again and people remember that we used to go on a summer holiday, to Italy, Spain or Greece. We would live in a summer house owned by friends, go down to the beach, cook together, drink beer, dance in the street. These videos wake this feeling of mediterranean easy-going and living into the day. Read more →

My new favorite comedian: Hannibal Buress

I stumbled upon a video with Hannibal Buress the other night and I was fascinated by the laid back style of this rising star of the US comedy scene. He is not as noisy and annoying like many others of his league, screaming and jumping all around, his magic lays more in the subtleness, the repetition and the minimal variations of face and voice. He has a rap infused speaking style and builds up smart storytelling jokes with slow confidence like a chronically underestimated stoned nerd with glasses. And he can be mean and nice at the same time. Continue and watch a video. Read more →