Remixing Tarantino, Coen(s), Scorsese and Kubrick

Here are two video remixes who cut together scenes from movies by Quentin Tarantino and the Coen brothers, and by Martin Scorsese and Stanley Kubrick. A real hommage by Leandro Copperfield, a visual designer from Brazil. A great love to these directors is noticeable in these pieces which must have cost many hours of work. The fact that I have seen most of these movies surprises me at the same as it feels comfortable to see Mia dancing again (Pulp Fiction) or watching Joe Pesci say “Funny? Funny how? How am I funny?” (Good fellas). Thank you Leandro for this!

Kubrick vs Scorsese

Tarantino vs Coen Brothers

via Kraftfuttermischwerk

Band to watch: Zpyz

I saw this band at the #tlgg2 party this saturday and was pretty impressed by their performance. It’s pure pop and a lot of energy, they certainly won many new fans that night. I think Zpyz has the potential to become pretty popular actually if they manage to build up an audience that reaches beyond Germany.

Take the arty attitude of Franz Ferdinand (just take a look at their website) , Goose’s raw energy, Chromeo’s synths and Phoenix’ pop appeal and you have Zpyz. They already played Melt! festival in 2008, remixed Polarkreis18 and have Köhncke and Koletzki remixing them which are good stories to tell.

Now they released a real hit, “She’s a dealer”, a song, almost too pop, but so catchy you cannot get away from it. It feels like you have heard it on the radio in the 80s, like Hall & Oates or Toto have come back. It’s brilliant:

Interestingly their music is released by DEAG, originally a live event company. Not a bad catch for DEAG since Zpyz can also cause a good dancing crowd beyond their spectators, getting them into the mood and groove with a tight sound and a great show, as you can see in this live clip:

Good luck guys with your music, I am pretty sure you’re gonna be big!

The best electronic music podcasts

May I present my favourite podcasts dealing with dj mixes in the last months.

1. Resident Advisor
Every week a new mix and everyone is of high quality. The genres are diverse from heavier Berghain techno (Dettmann, Fengler) to Experimental (Surgeon), Discoish (Brothers Bouaziz), straigt club (Carl Craig) or dubby and steppy (Applebim).
Here is an example by Scuba ak SCB
RA198 100315 Scuba vs SCB Resident Advisor Mix by Surefire

2. Ninja Tunes Solid Steel
Ninja Tunes used to be and is one of my favourite labels, with their Solid Steel radio show they always manage to surprise and show the diversity of their taste. Bass filled music, rare funk tunes, club bangers come together in this always very well selected and presented mixes. Here is an example of Clubb Rock’s Darren Judge & Mikee Lazy with tracks from Lady Chann, Seiji and MJ Cole, Untold, Joy Orbison and Ramadanman.
Solid Steel Radio Show 18/6/2010 Part 1 + 2 – Clubb Rock, Zero T by Ninja Tune

Holding up the Drum’n’Bass flag for the German scene, J-Cut and Kolt Siewerts unregularly present fresh tunes from the drum and bass universe, pretty straight, with J-Cut leaning more to the liquid, said easy and dense, side of the range, Siewerts with more jumpy and wobbly stuff. With a very entertaining style of presenting their show they soon hit the German podcast charts. Here is one of their own production, also a hit last year, the “Flute Tune” to get an idea.
J-Cut & Kolt Siewerts – The Flute Tune feat. Demolition Man – Fire (Freeze Dubplate) by Michelsen

4. Fabric London
Despite the tragic fact that London’s probably best club has gone into administration their podcast is one of the podcast pearls at the electronic music’s heaven. Great mixes and music presentations by people like Four Tet, Surgeon, Vadim and Jazzanova. Absolutely listenable.

Update No.1 (thanks to Philipp)
5. Xlr8r
Big names like MJ Cole, James Holden or Trentemöller present a very diverse range of electronic music.

Update No.2 (thanks to Kay)
6. Also very awesome and for all the dubby dubstep lovers (just like me) around here is the Wax Treatment Podcast. The regular sunday dubstep night at Horst Berlin features DJs like Pete and Surgeon. Dubstep from its nonwobbly, but atmospheric and complex side.

Rotation Records becomes Rotation Boutique

Rotation Records has the reputation of being one of the most competent and friendliest record stores in Berlin, I already mentioned it e.g. in this blogpost about Berlin’s best record stores. It is not only frequented by many local DJs but also by electronic music celebrities from all around the world and of course many vinyl lovers who come to this place to find some of the rare black gold which is ever more pushed away by digital formats.

Now the time also has come for Nico and his crew to shift the strategy towards a broader product range to make use of the perfect location at Rosenthaler Platz. Rotation Records becomes Rotation Boutique: Vinyl will still be there, but there will be more: Music, fashion and art. Suzi Wong will be part of the part of the team from now on and take care of exhibitions, workshops and fashion brands like Airbag, Bpitch Control, Fairliebt., Ghostly, Hirschkind, Lumabag, Paula Terra, Human Empire, JR Sewing, Kantasou, Ken Panda, Keregan, Killertaschen, Respekt(l)abel, Rockwell feat. Parra, Team Brûlé or Thokk Thokk.

To celebrate this new step, this saturday, 26th of June, Rotation will reopen from 12am, at Weinbergsweg 3 with music by Tama Sumo (Berghain), Sven VT (Memo / Bpitch Control), Boris (Berghain), Hauke Freer (Session Victim / Retreat), Strobocop (Karaoke Kalk), Pick & Roll (for Heart & Soul). Too bad I can’t be there to spin some music, too! Click more to read their original message (in German)
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