Two banging songs: JJ & DJ Mehdi feat. Chromeo

Ed BangerHow long is it ago that you listened to Drum’n’bass? Right, that’s a question also JJ asked themselves and produced a nice tune in a nightly session with Reason. I liked it so much that I talked them into letting me release the song on Stylewalker, so here’s JJ with their Purple Fields Anthem.

Download JJ’s Purple Fields

And here’s another banger from Paris, DJ Mehdi featuring Chromeo “I am somebody”, taking from Vice’s superb Mp3 blog.


Blogging for Berlinale

Yeeha, I just got an email that I have been recruited to write about this years Berlinale (the film festival) for the public media company RBB. This means full accreditation, many movies, parties and a lot af ACCESS. Lots of insight for you, dear readers.. (Maybe you’ll be hearing some stories here on that are too hot for a public media site.. ?)

WJH: The sound of Frankfurt today

WJ HeinzeJust coming back from from two cool parties: Vice magazine with a lot of cool new bands, among these “Yes Boss” and “Ripchord” and the new amazing location of Picknick on Luisenstraße. I took some videos, am going to post them later.

But for now, here’s a new mix for the DJ mixes category, it’s a guy from Frankfurt with the strange name WJ Heinze and he posted a pretty heavy techhouse mix which is not exactly of the minimal kind they like in Berlin, but courageous and forward, without compromises and with lots of balls and guts. It’s called November and for those of you who like a little ravy atmosphere and strobes and such, this is for you. (Actually Heinze is one of the founders of Neuton and has been producing with techno veterans as Oliver Lieb, Toni Rios, Frank Lorber or Pascal FEOS, so he knows what he’s doing)

Download WJ Henze november heavy ravy techhouse mix

(Oh boy and I just got a hit from Google for this!

This friday: Berlin2NYC

Berlin2NYC FlyerBerlin and New York have a lot of things in common. Maybe Berlin is not as big and rich as NYC but it can be as cruel and cold. And as creative!

Find out about other differences and similarities on this friday at Avastar, Nostitzstr. 12 in Kreuzberg.

There will be the European premiere of two mindblowing documentaries about the hazardous life of bike messengers, “Messenger” by Daniel Lieb and “Pedal” by Peter Sutherland. You can watch the trailers on the Berlin2NYC Myspace-site!

Two photographers will present their work, Therese Laub (Denmark) shows urban scenes from the bicyle’s viewpoint and Slomo is one of the most infamous party photographers I have ever met. Expect some pretty wild scenes from Berlin and NY parties on the wall..

Last but not least, Slomo aka CockoftheRock (what a name, it sure sticks to your head..), the party’s organizer Murongue and me will be spinning some records, trying to musically cross the bridge between Berlin and New York. Here’s a special Berlin2NYC snippet mix I made. Come to the party if you wanna hear some more!

Download Stylewalkers Berlin2NYC mix

Finally, it’s Murongue’s goodbye, he is going to.. guess.. New York! So, let’s give hime all a good shot of energy, he’ll need it over there!

Minilogue hitchhikers video

These guys are great, the mix from Panorama bar I posted some weeks ago is still one of the best in the DJ mixes section. I found this video via Roberdo who has some more interesting details about Minilogue’s past in the progressive trance scene. The animation is absolutely loveable and certainly extremely elaborate and artistic. Here’s a video as a snippet from their upcoming DVD:

Stelle reopening with Stylewalker on friday

Stella BarThere are new clubs (re)opening all over Berlin! Not only Cookies restarted this tuesday, also the newformed underground mitte network around ZMF, Z-Café (former Postcafé) and Stella refueld the area with fresh and unconsumed locations like the cellar of an old pizzaplace, and old bunker and a bakery.

So watch out for pink flamingo on friday because Stella is opening its cage and Stylewalker is being part of it. I am playing in the bar from 1am, the adress is Brunnenstr 152, you will also enjoy the Bunny Orchestra (neongoldendiscostuff), Terminal 19 (minimal stuff live) and Max.Effect (minimal / house)
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First dance at Cookies

First dance at CookiesSo yesterday was the big opening again, famous partymaker Cookies debuted the new club at Unter den Linden / Friedrichstraße. And it was sure no dissapointment: Party people, fashion people, international and arty people, lots of hats and style and funky moves and an atmosphere that made you feel that they loved to have their Cookies back. Not only I met old friends I hadn’t seen in a while, I heard many “Good to see YOU again!” all over. The bathrooms are gender-separated this time, the sound could be much better (invest, as soon as you’ve made some cash, Cookie!) there’s a lounge upstairs and a massive big floor that used to be a movie theatre with the typical candelabras and many bars to dance on. And so they did! Enjoy some fotos and a short Continue reading

Top 100 Indie Albums in 2006

Top 100 Indie albums 2006I took part in an ambitious campaign done by the Italian bloggers who run the musicblog (formerly known as indiefordummies but they couldn’t have this name anymore for some kind of copyright issue..): They wrote to hundreds of music bloggers, many replied to create another 2006 top 100 list: the best indie albums. And actually, it is a pretty impressive list, from indie rock to electronica to hip hop: Many great albums are featured with, if available, links to mp3s. Have a look, until today No. 100 to 26 are published, the rest follows in the upcoming days:

Top 100 Indie Albums from 50 to 26
Top 100 Indie Albums from 75 to 51
Top 100 Indie Albums from 100 to 76