Two weeks in Cuba – Part 3, Santa Clara

Next day we arrived in Santa Clara, a university town and place of Che Guevara’s decisive winning battle during the revolution. After asking around, we were lucky to get to know Jorge, our host for the next four days. In his place we felt very comfortable, the food was great and Jorge had very good advice about what kind of things to do. After all that car and horse riding it was like coming down and being home.

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Two weeks in Cuba – Part 2, the West

Our road trip started with travelling to Viñales via La Teraza, a beautiful region with many tobacco fields. We picked up a hitchhiker who then showed us the cigar production he works for. We learned all about different shapes and leaves and how to roll them. It looked easy. But only because the man had 14 years of experience, I guess.

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Two weeks in Cuba – Part 1, Havana

My recent trip to Cuba was like a gigantic ride in a big theme park, full of adventures, challenges and encounters, like at different game levels. Me and my friend Robert road more than 2000 km on infamous roads and spent a very complete trip. Included were hiking, swimming in waterfalls, staying with families, dancing in sketchy open air joints, drinking rum and getting to know many, many people. Here is what happened.

January first, arrival in Havana. Smell of frying fat and auto gas. 25°C, streets full of people, strolling, hanging out or trying to get a hitchhike. We arrived late so we had to wake up our first host family. They took it with charme in pyjamas. Sleep after a long flight.

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Great Shigeto Mini-Album

This one of these cristalline, fragile, simple sounding yet complex compositions which I like to listen to when it’s freezing cold in winter, you sit inside and watch the ice on the windows grow while the smoke from the chimney … Read more →