Heute: Jaybo aka Monk at Circleculture Gallery

Jaybo aka MonkTonight will see an interesting exhibition opening at Circle Culture gallery again. Jaybo aka Monk is originally from France but has been living in Berlin for quite some time. He started as a graffiti artist but now uses installations, cut-outs, objects and big sized paintings. We’ll even see some unfinished stuff tonight which is a great idea, taking the perfectionism and insecurity of some artists into account.

The exhibition will run from 27th of September to 16th of November and is called: „OLD SCARS AND NEW INJURIES ARE THE BEAUTY OF THE ETERNAL NOW“. Let’s get hurt then. See you tonight.


Pechakucha Berlin

Alex von Furstenberg.. took place yesterday at Tape Gallery and was again a nice get-together of creative people with more or less interesting subjects and more or less well done speeches. But to be honest, I expected a little more. The tow guys from Aka-Aki were impossible to understand, others, like Cosima Reif were so nervous the hysterical laughters produced feedbacks. But I liked very much David Henry Brown Jr’s talk about his personality Alex von Fürstenberg which got him into celebrity parties in New York and of course Tobi X’s Firefox plugin “Timemachine” which turns webpages into a state of like ten years ago: Full of candles, christmas trees, animated gifs, midi melodies and star backgrounds.

Best of Popkomm

PopkommSo, the wild days have started, Berlin is a little extra hyped on top, a little more than normally even, because big pop business is in town. Yes, there is still a big music industry but it’s not lables so much anymore that make the big profits. It’s all in the live concerts. The bookers, the agencies, the festival organizers – these are the ones that run the business really.

So it’s all about concerts and which band is able to really give the people a good time and makes them tell their friends and come back the next time. Music is a service, more than ever.

A band who is able to rock it every time are Mike Skinner aka the Streets and his musicians. Wednesday evening, a sponsored concert brought about 1500 people to an open air venue and after a little chilly start everybody got into a great mood and danced and hugged each other to get a little warmer. Thumbs up for Mike Skinner!

Yesterday, I missed Polarkreis18 AGAIN! Damn, but these boys play and play and actually here is a little concert (again, by Sli-Fi, these people have a LOT of stuff on the net..)

So what’s the program? Tonight: Trentemöller at Maria and Sonar Kollektiv, at Tape and saturday Pokerflat night at Watergate and Sunday, well, if the weather stays as great as it did these days, there will be some open air after hour like the Stadtfest or the Karneval for sure..

Multitouch Midi Controller

Jazzmutant already gained big reputation by creating the Lemur, a multitouch Midicontroller. I saw it in action last week at a Jazz concert, but honestly spoken, the guy seemed to be a little overstrained by all its possibilities. All you could see was him concentratedely focusing his screen and the Lemur without producing much sound.

Here, via Roberdo I found an interesting introduction about Jazzmutants newest creation, the Dexxter. But with its ever growing bigger options, it’ll be even harder to make the best out of it. But I so much want to TOUCH one of these sexy things some day!

Check out the other articles about multi-touch interaction displays!

Cotumo in the mix – Maedchentechno II

CotumoJust flew in via Myspace, here’s a new mix by Berlin based DJ Cotumo, I very much dig. It’s fluffy, a little trippy and percussive but not too much of one thing. I guess you can call it Minimal..

Hi bio says: “Inspired by artists like Matthew Herbert, Akufen and Metro Area, Johannes began thinking about sharing his music through playing in Clubs. Nowadays Cotumo plays at Netlag, Pulsar, Pentagonik, Klangsucht, Süss&Sauer partys and at a variety of festivals and clubs in and around Berlin. After playing in London in 2006 he is aiming to Wales, Turin and Zuerich. He is also organizing his own party series ‘Club der Dilettanten’ with his cousin, known as µ~, where 15 DJs play 5 of their most loved records.”

Here we go: Cotumo Maedchentechno II:

Awesome guide in Bode Museum Berlin

The Bode Museum is the latest opening on the famous Museumsinsel, protected by the UN world heritage, full of museums, some are yet to be renovated. On 19 October 2006, the Bode Museum was re-opened in its entirety, displaying the Sculpture Collection, the Numismatic Colletion and works from the Gemäldegalerie – Old Master Paintings.
In the video you’ll see a very involved guide telling an interesting story about a mosaic.

Fantastic media usage in Naturkundemuseum Berlin

The museum of natural history in Berlin has recently been renovated and now features an impressive amount of interactive use of multimedia stations: 3D-movies that take the environment into account, moving screens, touch sensitive information. It’s full of kids and they seem to have a lot of fun learning.
Here you’ll see an interactive projection about animal families.