Patrick Gräser Basic

Patrick Gräser BasicIt’s about time for a good mix. A deep one, a driving one, some music that makes you want to move into the strobes. Put your hands up, the club is dark, who can see you.. ?

Patrick Gräser shows how he has developed in his months spinning at Weekend on “Basic” nights. It’s a mix with the courage to push the people even further early in the morning. This thing is talking to you. And you better not talk to anybody else. Patrick Gräser – Basic, have a nice holiday.

Making decisions fast

Thermals Fuckin AInspired by the paradox of choice, I decided to make my decisions faster from now on. My mobile phone carrier calls and offers a new mobile? Yeah, sure, why not, get it over!

Planning the next year, study, work, how? Why not do this now, in 5 minutes? C’mon, it’s not so hard. I don’t want to waste no more time thinking about what would be better or worse or if decisions are right or wrong. They have do be made. Period.

So, enjoy, the mighty Thermals and “Here’s your future!”:
[via Subpop]

TED Talks

Hans Rosling on TEDtalks“TED was born in 1984 out of the observation by Richard Saul Wurman of a powerful convergence between Technology, Entertainment and Design. The first TED included the public unveiling of the Macintosh computer and the Sony compact disc, while mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot demonstrated how to map coastlines with his newly discovered fractals and AI guru Marvin Minsky outlined his powerful new model of the mind.”

Now TED Talks features many, many highly interesting speeches online that are really worth watching. I especially enjoyed Hans Rosling’s speech about Gapminder and data visualization (sounds boring but he is entertaining, educating AND funny) and Barry Schwartz, author of “The paradox of choice” who explains why more choice does NOT mean more freedom, on the contrary. A point, I am pretty sure, all of you have discussed with friends considering what you want to be in this world and how the many possibilities we have these days are more a burden than alleviation.

Sunday morning TV

I just love TV early on sunday morning, It’s when children’s and party homecomers’ taste and ability of perception meet. (TV snapshot taken on ARD, at about six o’clock..) And it’s a funny thought: Dizzy party people coming down and early kids united in front of the screen throughout the cities.. And: Do the heads of programming actually think about that?