Next conference invites international bloggers to Data Love

The Next conference has managed for several years now to invite international speakers who are able to cast a little blink at the future of digital business, marketing and communication. The Next conference 2011 will take place this year on may 17th and 18th in Berlin, main subject will be “Data love” and the value created out of information. The Next makers would love to see more international bloggers at this conference, so this is a call to my friends from Barcelona, London, New York, Stockholm and now also South America to get over here to mingle with the European internet scene.
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Best of Re:publica 2011

I am strolling through the blog posts about this years re:publica and I must admit it feels really sad not having spent more time there than the lousy two hours I played at the closing party. I had just came home from my trip, I was sick (still am), I had to get back into work at P3000, I just could not go. Tuesday evening I very shortly shook some hands at the Collaboratory meetup, but no way to go to the conference, neither to the Twitter reading or the Google party at Clärchens Ballhaus, not on thursday, not to #tassebier, nor on friday, it’s a shame. Because the feel transmitted by the mood videos and all the enthusiastic and thoughtful posts really make me miss having seen all the people I really would have liked to meet.

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After Buenos Aires, a little Chile in San Pedro de Atacama and my travels through Bolivia, I spent almost three weeks in Peru and I must say that it’s the country I liked most on my trip, for several reasons. First, it has a great variety of landscapes, from the Andes and the Highlands, the lake Titicaca, one of the biggest and highest lakes on earth (actually big enough for the Bolivians to have a marine inside their army, despite having any coastline) to the jungle around Iquitos and of course the beaches along the Pacific ocean. But the is not the only reason. Continue reading