Riga Streetart

I knew this is an inspiring and creative place. I already was fascinated by modern Latvian culture when I saw all the animated movies from Riga students in the Red Shift filmfestival in New York. I was not mistaken. There’s … Read more →

Riga Impressions

Without many commentaries, I just invite you to enjoy some pictures of a beautiful day. Going to the beach (Jumala, trainstation Majori), watching people in the street, going up in the elevator of the Reval hotel, drinking a cocktail in … Read more →

Going out to Casablanca

Foto by Tim Protlove“Naktsklub” is Latvian for nightclub and does not necessarily have to do anything with “naked”. After a night in Riga’s old town, one cannot be so sure about that anymore. Red lights wherever you go, girls in … Read more →