Template Problems

Too bad, it took me long to find out that my old design does not work with IE. I switch to the Kubrick-Standard as long as I need to fix it. By the way, political blogging in German you will find here: roteblogs.de/thomaspraus

Update: Now I have a new templates (Pool by Borjy Fernandez), more versatility in Flickr and for putting in pictures. It´s the third change in my blog in it get’s nicer every day. Thank you for coming around!

Melt! Fotos

This weekend has been great! A lot of fun, a lot of work, a lot of wonderful people. It was just like having a party for 10 000 friends and we were the hosts. We tried our best to feed the stars with all they needed, I took care of Bright Eyes, Laid Back, The Cribs, Bloc Party, Fisherspooner and the Phoneheads. It was a beautiful festival, here are some fotos:

53Melt_Festival_2005 36Melt_Festival_2005

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This is were I am going to be next weekend. Melt! one of the greatest festivals in Germany this summer. But I am not going to hang out but to work. I’ll be backstage supporting artists like Laid Back, Bloc Party or Phoneheads. I’ll be posting some impressions later.


Another day, I sat in class, bored, so I decided to draw a little. This is a not a prove for my graphical talent but merely a memory..

Cartoon 3 Cartoon 4 Cartoon 5

Anyway, I think they are cute.. Any girl out there who thinks the same?


Kult is a community of artists around funky house and techno. A lot of nice DJ mixes are to find there and I like what I have heard so far.


Right now, I am listening to Danny Hargreaves and it is reaaaalllly nice. The kind of music you want to listen while you play ping pong in the sunset. Which I plan to do right now..

Community for politics

Hard work, but the exciting part starts now! We built a website to encourage people to get involved in politics and to be close to the campaign for parliament elections in Germany in september. We want to continue with cool chancellor Schröder for an open-minded, peaceful and human politics.

If you want to join, please go to www.rote-wahlmannschaft.de and become a member! We will send you exclusive information and lots of possibilities to get active for politics (We care about your privacy).

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I have seen them several times, the “Brothers in music”. It’s just the type of minimal deep tech house music I love. Flirry, minimal, a little melancholic and driving. Check out their beautiful website Brothers-in-music.de
They just released a 4 Track EP, you can listen to the tracks and download live mp3s. I read about it because they released the EP under a Creative Commons license.


To the knowledge of Netzpolitik it is the first vinyl record with a CC license. I guess, it won’t be the last.