.. are a band from Amsterdam and very good. The play live Nujazz ala 4Hero and Jazzanova. The drummer is an old and very good friend of mine. I built a little site for them you should check out. http://outernationals.stylewalker.net


This is were I am going to be next weekend. Melt! one of the greatest festivals in Germany this summer. But I am not going to hang out but to work. I’ll be backstage supporting artists like Laid Back, Bloc … Read more →


Another day, I sat in class, bored, so I decided to draw a little. This is a not a prove for my graphical talent but merely a memory.. Anyway, I think they are cute.. Any girl out there who thinks … Read more →

Organizational Identity

Last weekend I attended a great class about organizational identity. It was great, very intelligent presentations about identity, culture, image, reputation, selfobservation, social and individual indentification, psychology, system theory, narrations, strucuration etc. Check ttp://www.wiwiss.fu-berlin.de/w3/w3sydow/ for more information.

Berlinscana 05

My friend Christoph is one of the organizers of this very interesting event the 8th of july: Berlinscana 05. Take fashion, photo, music, Italy and Germany (especially the fashionable Berlin) and you have a very stylish mix. More info here: … Read more →