Danke Roger Rankel!

Thanks to Hinterding I came across one the most amazing blends of advertising and.. music! Thank you for the Vertriebstraing, Mr Roger Rankel.
Go to Roger Rankel (the name itself is a blast already in my opinion..), put on your headphones and listen. No irony, all completely serious!
By the way: This is their head of communication..
Head of Communication
I can´t wait to talk to him. I think am going to apply for a distribution training NOW!
Update: Now, of course, the funny sond does not exist anymore..

Saturday, 5th feb Stylewalker@Weinerei

I already had the pleasure once to play in that impressive new club of Roger and Natalie who are running the Weinerei for several years now. They and a lot of people out of their network worked all summer to turn a big, old, dirty, full-of-trash cellar into one of Berlin´s most interesting, inspiring yet nicest nightplaces today.

Saturday again will be Stylewalker-night! With a new sound system I am eager to guide some people through the night. Start will be around eleven, for some it will be the initial-warming up place for going to heavy-chique places later, for some, the evening will end at the Weinerei, too. . Continue reading