iPhone Guitar

I admit. On first sight, it’s nothing special and obviously doesn’t do justice to the physical and carnal way of playing a real guitar (like John Frusciante does e.g.). But it’s a good visualization of what’s going to be possible with iPhones and it’s intuitive multitouch control display. Here’s what a guitar simulation could look like on an iPhone. I can already see DJs spinning with iPhones.

Laser Tagging

I wanted to write about that many times already and now 01Blog (really, I don’t find that name particularly sexy..) pointed me to it again: Graffiti done with lasers and laptops. Cool shit. But: I’d prefer rapmusic as background as well, despite the very obvious “laser beam” lyrics..

Ratio zu Emotio – gute Promotio

Jahr der Mathematik PosterGute Kampagne, finde ich, checkt das Jahr der Mathematik.

Ich persönlich bin z.B. ein großer Fan von Fermats letztem Satz und war geschockt als ich erfuhr, dass ich, als der Preis für seine Lösung vergeben wurde, wohl nur weniger Meter oberhalb der ehrwürdigen Göttinger Aula unwissend Bier trinkend auf dem Fensterbrett saß. Hier das Buch zu der Geschichte.

Also eigentlich wollte ich nur sagen, dass mir das Motiv gut gefiel, vorhin am S-Bhf Schönhauser Allee. Aber der Trailer ist auch ganz schick:

Link: sevenload.com

Brandmauer? Brandmauer!

BrandmauerBerlin is full of so called “Brandmauern”, walls that have no windows because originally they had another house close to them. The war bombed them away, or the communists or Adenauer did, who knows. Fact is, it’s not going to change fast (of course in expensive neighborhoods, new houses are built) but in other sites, people will have to live with their ugly and overall badly isolated brandmauer (I believe in english it’s fire division wall).

So here’s the idea: Why not paint them with special materials or even grow plants on them to make everything cosier and prettier and less expensive? Brandmauer.de are a bunch of architects and artists that want to make Berlin a little less grey (and of course, run a fun business). Check it out on Brandmauer.de, especially if you want to have yours painted!

Justice’s Fabric Mix

I wrote about Justice (long time ago, I think: before the hype) and Fabric in London, now here’s the perfect mix: Justice Rejected Fabric mix, via The fastlife (you can also find the playlist there). According to Urb, Fabric did not want to release this mix, instead they sent it to friends. Thanks! Very hard to imagine this soft, poppy discoish and very singalong style at Fabric but it’s GRRREATTT!
For all pop-fans: Tuesday at Maria (Berlin): Robyn!

Mikael Stavöstrand in the mix

Mikael StavöstrandTomorrow he’ll be playing at Tresor at the “We are”-labelnight. Check out what Suzi Wong has to say about it and listen to a mix done at Harry Klein in Munich [via Minimal Mixe]

“trocken, minimal und vorallem schwedisch wirds morgen im Tresor. Das Malmoer Label „We Are” ist gleich mit 2 seiner Artists angerückt, die heiligen Hallen zu bespielen. Labelowner Agaric wird zeigen, dass er nicht nur gute Platten produzieren, sondern auch genau so begnadet an den Turntables rocken kann. Mikael Stavöstrand holt live (und hoffentlich analog) seine Livepeitsche raus. Aua, ist das geil!”


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