Pro Loveradio

The best loveparade-event, the Loveradio organized by the public radio station Fritz, might not take place this year. People have started a pro-loveradio-campaign, Stylewalker supports their approach emphatically. Please tell people about it, write a mail to Fritz-radio and sign … Read more →

Clubdocumentation reloaded

Recently, I uttered the public wish for more clubdocumentation in my Landski-in-Brussels-post. Now, I found some nice stuff from Berlin. Party makers Soulkombinat have nice Fotos in Flickr and Photophunk have many, many pictures of Berlin clubnights, as well as … Read more →

Easter Ball

I just went to play basketball. Alone. I lost anyway. Must have been because of the wet surface. Or maybe I made the rules too complicated.

Tonight: Party Arty!

Lovelite is the place, Party Arty is the event. For three years now, wortartist Yaneq is organizing this mind-opening celebration, hosting the show himself. As always, he will have some extraordinary guests: spokenword and beatbox artists, Djs and bands.. Of … Read more →

Movies and music

One of my favourite German blogs, Spreeblick, had some great links these days: First, I found this extremely intelligent and entertaining movie: Callcenter. Then, I stumbled across the videoplatform Dailymotion, which works much like Youtube but seems to have much … Read more →