Clubdocumentation reloaded

Recently, I uttered the public wish for more clubdocumentation in my Landski-in-Brussels-post. Now, I found some nice stuff from Berlin. Party makers Soulkombinat have nice Fotos in Flickr and Photophunk have many, many pictures of Berlin clubnights, as well as Max aka Sxw. Probably those you have been to, too..

It’s not video though, but considering all the unwatchable rave-club-stuff on You Tube (blurry pictures, distorted sound to the max, etc.), I have to admit that it is damn hard 1.) to get some good footage out of dirty, dark and noisy clubs and 2.) to edit a good video.

Especially, taking in consideration that most of the club protagonists normally are too exhausted from partying, anyway..

Suzi Wongs Housegrooves

Suzi Wong at ZMFPhotocredit: marco.microbi @ Photophunk.comYou might have noticed: Suzi Wong is one of my favourite DJs. I just like to go to parties where she’s playing and she always makes me dance. (if you come here by her site, enjoy this article and mix and then take a look at this blog’s homepage)

She has been spinning records for many, many years and over the time developed her outstanding taste for the kick on the dancefloor, the forgotten and upcoming classics, the unminimal drumloop and the subversive pop moments in techno music. is proud to present an exclusive mix you won’t find anywhere else!
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Gnarls Barkley – Listen today!

Gnarls Barkley are DJ Dangermouse (remember the grey album – most downloaded music in history) and singer Cee-Lo who just made history with the first UK number 1 hit that was based on online sales alone.

From today until sunday you can listen to their album “St Elsewhere” on their MySpace-site. Album release is the 5th of may. What a hype! But: Cool music: funky, techy, souly and defintely Stylewalker-approved.

Danger Mouse is a workaholic. In between he produced the Gorillaz-album and among others an album with MC Jemini. Listen to a legendary interview on Radio One.

Sven Väth is alive

Sven FäthFoto von Christian JakubaszekThe godfather of techno is in a good mood and his message is cristal clear:
“Gude Laune, Aldaaaaaaaaaaaaa..!”

Love, peace and crazyness, ecstasy and ayurveda..
Everybody who thought Sven Väth these days is only about vegan food and healthy lifestyle was obviously mistaken. Voll drauf, Alda!

Snippet taken from this years Time Warp festival, 08.04.2006 in Mannheim:


Update: Here’s a video of Richie Hawtin and Sven Väth dancing, lost in reverie, topless to Ibiza tunes.. Continue reading

Tonight: Barca vs Milan

Since my current home Berlin is not really capital of the most beautiful, neither succesful football, my other home, Barcelona, pretty much fills that emotional void in me.

So, tonight, get ready for the battle of giants: AC Milan vs FC Barcelona.
Kaka vs Ronaldinho, Shevchenko vs Eto’o, Inzaghi vs Puyol..

To put you into the mood for great football, watch this video (Ronaldo – yes, actually used to be a good player – Maradona, Pelé and many more..)
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DJ Delfonic

He always sends me invitations to great parties offering to put me on the guestlist.
First, I thought that was strange until I took the time to check out his Delfonic profile on MySpace. A great DJ from Berlin who definitely gets the “Stylewalker-approved” button! Danceable Reggae-HipHop-Funk’n’Soul-mixes with supreme technique and style.

He has even produced some cool remixes, my favourite is “Dub be good to me” (the 4th in the MySpace tracklist) but I was totally convinced when I listened to this live mix he recorded in one of Berlin’s coolest clubs, the Deep (so underground, it has no website). Check it out:

Tonight: Party Arty!

Lovelite is the place, Party Arty is the event. For three years now, wortartist Yaneq is organizing this mind-opening celebration, hosting the show himself. As always, he will have some extraordinary guests: spokenword and beatbox artists, Djs and bands.. Of which, funally enough, most happen to be my friends.

Suzi Wong will be kicking in with Jeff Pils a brutall elekkktroset, Al Haca will demonstrate their laptop breakbeat punch and finally, Tolcha with DJ Shir Khan will present their new album “Gestalt”. For an idea of their dub-electro-reggae-grimy music, listen to their hit: “Streetvibes”:

Party Arty @ Lovelite Thu 13april Simplonstr. 38/40 Berlin-Friedrichshain

Movies and music

One of my favourite German blogs, Spreeblick, had some great links these days:
First, I found this extremely intelligent and entertaining movie: Callcenter.

Then, I stumbled across the videoplatform Dailymotion, which works much like Youtube but seems to have much more music material. The video I posted further down, is from there, too.

And today, they wrote about the french version of DJ Shadow, “Wax Tailor” and the great song: “Que sera”
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