Golden Era Mixtape


My fellow readers know that I love golden era hip hop from the juicy times of the early nineties. Phat rolling beats, warm analog feel, organic, soulful samples. Laid back music to cruise the city, chill at the barbecue and open your windows on a summer day. English dj and producer Krafty Kuts now put together a selection of his favorites that influenced him and you can feel the passion and his excitement for this important time for rap, hip hop and music in general. Exquisitely mixed, you want to turn up your speakers and put them next to the open window, so the whole block can nod their heads.

Fashawn – The beginning

Bildschirmfoto 2013-12-10 um 17.37.46
Such a cool and reduced video, everything seems to run fast but Fashawn seems to rap at a normal speed. Simple setting, black and white. Slowed down old school beat and precise voice. Reminds me of Rasko and his Cali Agents which he had with Planet Asia. Five head nods for this.

And if you now wonder how they did this, here is the explanation by a friend who is a filmmaker: “Play the sound at 60% speed, let the guy rap to it and the other guys do their thing. Play it at 140% and it looks like he is rapping at normal speed and all the rest is super fast.” Thanks to Martina from Stift und Papier for this!

And to Megaloh for the hint to the video.

Autumn music: Adulescens

Now comes the time of the falling leaves, of scarfs and hats, of hot tea and early evenings. The time when you want to sit inside and watch the birds escape to the south. It’s time to listen to a more melancholic and thoughtful music. “Who am I?” ask Adulescens in their song “Nymphs” and bring in this autumn feel.

This might just be the band for those who think “Band of horses” have become too slick and overproduced. The band for those who liked Chris Martin’s singing before he was married to Gwyneth Paltrow and became over confident. These five young kids from the south of Germany have an intense energy about their music and some brilliant song writing, combined with a smart production. I heavily recommend their self titled debut EP which is out on ADP records (hey, it’s only 4,49 on Amazon, what can be wrong with that?!)

Adulescens are on tour in Germany at the moment, try to catch them while they still play in small cosy clubs where you can cuddle.

12/10/13 München, Digitalanalog Festival
18/10/13 Hamburg, Astra Stube
19/10/13 Berlin, Grüner Salon
26/10/13 Nürnberg, Nürnberg Pop
07/12/13 Tangermünde, Kaminstube

Or dance. Because with the song “Sweet Blood” they also prove their “Two Door Cinema Club” like Indie-dance-ability.

Conturbanaries Opening Party

970410_458115057635308_1544835530_nOn thursday CONTURBANARIES starts, a festival for contemporary and fine arts. I will play at the opening party, before and after the highly respected Pitchtuner. Expect an inspiring mix of art, performance and music in an exciting and rough location, at Revaler Str.99.

Running order

Top floor
22.00 CHURCH OF FUNK (top floor)

0:00 Mutfak Drt
0:30 Stylewalker
1:00 Pitchtuner
1:40 Stylewalker

I am excited and look forward to seeing you there!