Fashionweek Berlin 09 Rückblick

fashionweekberlin09_iekelinestangeAls normaler Hauptstadtbewohner merkt man es kaum, höchstens wenn einmal ein schön gebrandeter Shuttle-Mercedes vorbei fährt oder der Mitbewohner mit prall gefüllten Taschen von der Bernhard Willem Show im Postbahnhof zurück kommt: Die Fashionweek war die letzten Tage in vollem Gang und neigt sich heute ihrem Ende zu. Zeit für einen kleinen Rückblick. (Bild von m.ariii)
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Best of Evolution2

The Evolution2 is the sequel of the first, very susccesful talent competition Evolution by Hobnox. The contest is coming closer to the final decisions, though it is still time to submit projects to enter the finals.

While the Evo2 is running hot right now, the winners of the first contest are presenting the results of their work since winning the contest at the big Hobnox launch party and evolution festival in february 08. Missy Magazine, a mag about pop, politics and style from a feministic viewpoint is now available as a good old glossy print mag, while Boombaker, a very energetic live drum’n’bass/breakbeat band are on tour right now.

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Hobnox Updates (how to embed your own files)

Hobnox audiotool_screenshot1Hobnox has some new, very much awaited features. First, you can now live record your music creation from the audiotool. Thus, Hobnox is one of the first web applications to use Flash10 which now supports wider audio emulation, not at least thanks to the “Adobe, Make some noise!“-campaign, partly driven by Hobnox developers.

Apart from that, the Audiotool has more features compared to the original version, e.g. a command bar which makes it easier to work with many machines plus when inactive for a while, the light fades out and the machines are solitarily left in the dark..

Listen to my little bass monster here:

Saving songs requires several steps, you will need to login, it will then be encoded and you can find it in ‘My files’, on visibility you can adjust copyright settings (also creative commons), here you need to allow embedding, then send the file to your stage, go to your stage, choose the file and on mouseover you’ll see the embed icon (< ..>) to get the embed code.

Moreover, you can save the live shows you can stream with Hobnox now (still, in a quality I haven’t seen on other platforms) to play them later in your profile, also the Evolution2 is still running.

Wordcup in a nutshell

Wordcup is one of Germany’s oldest and most respected hiphop shows. It started in 1996 on the tv channel VIVA but was taken off air in 1996 when VIVA turned into a random music clip and teenie show channel. Wordcup always tried to dig deep into the German rap scene, featured unknown artists, went to jams and concerts and visited musicians in their studios.
Now, Wordcup is back – Hobnox features the hiphop show and wordcup is as fresh as it has always been: Interesting interviews, concerts, famous and notsofamous artists, great editing and cool filming. Watch trailers and read news in this Wordcup (blog me)SITE and if you like it, embed into your blog or Myspace!

Was ist das Vorspiel, Berlin?

Vorspiel BerlinI had Yaneq as a protagonist on this blog quite some time and now, after countless Party Artys and Signal festivals he is back with his new baby: Vorspiel. Vorspiel is German and means prelude and foreplay at the same time which is one of the wordplays Yaneq, the lyricist, loves so much.

As much as he likes blending words, he likes to blend cultural styles. He mixes art, music, poetry, party and bar and there we have what he always wanted: The Vorspiel, located at Falkensteinstraße 47 (same house as club 103), open from wednesday to sunday, 18 – 02:00h. At first hand Vorspiel is a gallery that shows contemporary art, from street to comic and even sculptures. At second hand Vorspiel is a place for performances: dance, concerts, films and so on. Plus: These days, all Euro08 games will be shown on a big screen!

A very vibrant place with very urban and vibrant people, always open to ideas and creativity, definitely worth a visit. Here is a short interview with Yaneq by Carpe Berlin and to read more, here is a nice article from Berliner Zeitung about Vorspiel (in German).
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Young film festivals in Berlin 2008

“The only jews who crossed the tracks in the neighborhood were students making documentaries and drug addicts”

Sehsüchte, Europe’s Biggest International Student Film Festival takes place again at the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen „Konrad Wolf“ in Marlene-Dietrich-Allee 11 in Potsdam. The quote from below stems from the Israelian movie “Roads” about kids in Lod, drugs and hip hop and perspectives for young people.

Filmfgestivals Berlin April 2008The rest of the program is highly interesting as well and Hobnox presents some selected movies from the Sehsüchte 08 program.
In general, this is a good time for film festivals in Berlin, Britspotting, the British independent film festival took place from 10th to 16th of april and now moves to Cologne. achtung Berlin, the new Berlin film award which focuses on young Berlin filmmakers has just finished as well (16th to 22nd of april).

Welcome to the movie city Berlin!

Future Hobnox Tools: Online audio editing

Hobnox Audiotool ScreenOh my god, I just had a look at some screens of the upcoming Hobnox-Tools and I so much want to play around with that thing. There will be different virtual music machines, like a Roland 303 or a 909 and a bunch of effects which you can plug together. The amazing thing about it is: the sound engine is not build upon samples but the whole synthesizing process is emulated in flash!

As André Michelle, one of the developers writes: “The underlying audio engine is based on dynamic digital signal processing to provide very complex audio compositing in Flash. The graphical user interface is based on an unlimited sized desktop to layout your choosen devices as you wish to operate.” And here is another post by Joa, one of the flash developers.
David (Echolot.tumblr) has some more insights about how the whole Hobnox thing is going to continue.

Register now on Hobnox to be part of the closed Beta (including audio tool, live streaming and community features), starting from 1st of march – after that date, betatesting will only be possible via invitations by registered users!