Fashionweek Berlin 09 Rückblick

fashionweekberlin09_iekelinestangeAls normaler Hauptstadtbewohner merkt man es kaum, höchstens wenn einmal ein schön gebrandeter Shuttle-Mercedes vorbei fährt oder der Mitbewohner mit prall gefüllten Taschen von der Bernhard Willem Show im Postbahnhof zurück kommt: Die Fashionweek war die letzten Tage in vollem Gang und neigt sich heute ihrem Ende zu. Zeit für einen kleinen Rückblick. (Bild von m.ariii)
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Two days to go!

Boy, today and tomorrow and then printing at night and handing the bastard in on Friday. My master thesis: “On the contribution of weblogs to the constitution of organizational identity” – wow, I still think it’s cool, but I hadn’t imagined how hard it is to write about weblogs although I assumed to know so much about it already. Anyway, excuse the silence, expect to read it here, if you are interested (in German) and wish me luck and thank you!! (Now, a short sort of nerv-wrecked crying). —

This is a new style

It’s just an experiment, tell me what you think! I think this theme is pretty stylish, although, I know, looks a lot like A list apart, which is awesome as well. So, what do you think: Is it worth putting in some effort to stylewalkerize this theme?
Make the picture embedding look better, do something about the header image, maybe use the third column for more fotos or widgets?..
I really need something new, I like my old style a lot, but things need to change.

Plans 2.1

Wow, so many plans and no time to realize it all. So, note to self: Do it, lazy boy!

  • 1st: Integrate tags into stylewalker – I have enough content now to tag it more thoroughly and it would be cool to let people participate – suggest tags and if I like them they will be part of the categorization. Does anyone know a good WP-plugin?
  • Start a blog about organizational identity and weblogs. I am writing my master thesis and should export some wisdom to the net.
  • Buy a DJ! A friend is coming from Barcelona, Marco Delvai, you can book him for little money and big fun! Expect more information later.
  • A guide to MySpace – people keep asking me what to do there and I should write down all the things I tell each one of them.

And: A great mix at Miss Glitter – Bastard Cutz on bastard rec.

Comments about the propositions are open and welcome. Say something!

A time to look back

10 000! I am blogging since february 2005, counting my visits since last september and now I have had 10 000 visits! A good moment to do some identity work and look back to an exciting time on the internet. It’s a lot of effort, but lots of fun, always something to talk about and source for some interesting cognitions. Thank you all, approx. 50 people come by daily, which is a really good number for a small blogger, many comment (although I wish, more did..) and Stylewalker is still growing!
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