First berlin record fair for electronic music

Rotation Records in Weinbergsweg is organizing a record fair for used records on October, 3rd at Zur Möbelfabrik. So if you have a massive stack of records that you have been waiting for the right opportunity to get rid off, this is your chance. All styles of electronic music are welcome, and there is no cost for registration or to be part of the event. Feel free to contact Rotation for details and registration. However, if you are looking for more records to complete your collection, this should be the right place, too!

Minilogue Liveset at Panaroma Bar

Picture from DiscogsMinilogue are from Sweden and like most Swedish people they are great musicians. They have that certain scandinavian feel for nice and sometimes melancholic melodies. In this case, it is embedded into a very smooth, feathery and dreamy sound architecture. It’s hypnotizing, you want to close your eyes and raise your hands and dance.
Which is what the people in Berlin did. Enjoy a tremendous live set:

Geeky videointerviews

Videopodcasts done by prominent bloggers and charismatic heads from the internetscene have been popping up recently (like the one I referred to yesterday) and here’s a little top 4 of what I think is worth watching.

Robert Scoble started a videoblog with interviewing Jonathan Schwartz, Sun’s CEO is a german videocast by one of the Spreadshirt founders Lukasz Gadowski focussing on German entrepreneurs like Continue reading

Yochai Benkler interview

The other day, Peter and I interview Yochai Benkler about commons based peer production. He is a very smart and witty man and absolutely able to communicate his visionary ideas. We talked about the wealth of networks, collaboration on a global, individual scale and knowledge- and production sharing. We had twenty minutes, a little camera and could ask four questions. A very interesting morning, watch the whole interview at The Waving Cat. He also wrote a book and published it for free. For me, the most interesting question was how a theory of production can be generalized to producing other goods than media and his answer (click to continue) is fascinating. Continue reading

YouTube band contest

YouTube “Underground” Contest is on a quest to find the most talented and entertaining unsigned musicians and bands out there.” From october 2nd until october 18th bands can upload videos and win everything but a record deal (which might even a prize itself..): Promotion in New York, Gibson equipment, a professional phot shoot and a lot of internet fame of course. No more casting shows on TV, this genre is now officially moving to the internet.

Illjazz from New York

Illjazz“llJazz is a monthly mix podcast serving up soulful sounds from the past and present. It’s all about rare grooves, party breaks, selective hip-hop tracks, and vintage electronic cuts.” Illjazz is Andrew from New York djing, he’s a really sociable guy and has a great taste in music. As long as it’s good and funky it’s perfect for him. And for me, too!

I especially enjoyed his sheep meadows mix of soulful house music. The setting is like this: “Each weekend afternoon, hundreds of rollerskaters come down and dance on skates to funk, disco, garage, house, etc. mostly older people who used to party back in the 70s and 80s NYC club scene – Paradise Garage, The Loft, etc. Lot’s of funky ass people!!” Enjoy some original New York house:

Popkomm parties require Feierkondition

“Feierkondition” should be incorporated in the English language, just like “Angst”, “Weltschmerz” and, uhm, “Glockenspiel”. It’s what you need in cities like Berlin, with its overload of parties and interesting people to meet. I sometimes wonder how I keep up with the relentless pace of partymaking. But in the end, it always gives more engergy than it takes. So, looking back to a vivid week to an even more vivid weekend, I ask you: Can you compete with that?!
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