Mix of the week: Frede from Republish

This mix is perfect before going out, when you are heading to the metro or a friend’s party around 11 pm. Smoothly pushing, straight forward in a very funky, slowly and housy way.

Frederik Frede from Republish presents: “a nice melange of recent house tunes from Henrik Schwarz, Recloose and John Tejada to old ones from Underground Resistance, Versatile and Cheap.” What do I want more: Just my favourite artists and labels. Very Hans Nieswandtish, indeed.

Please enjoy Frederik Frede mixing for Republish.

Human signs

In London, human signs are coming into fashion again.

You see people in the streets holding up signs trying to bring customers to restaurants, shops or even universities. I don´t know what these people make an hour but it can´t be much. Obviously it is worth paying one person for nothing but standing there with a sign, it must be coming back in additional revenues.
Welcome to service country..

El mercado del Borne

I discovered the “Mercado del Borne” one week ago strolling around in my new barrio, el Born, and I was magically drawn into this light, modern and colourful art and book shop. It is a gallery, they sell t-shirts, books, paintings, posters, even shoes and other gimmicks by independent designers, like tie-style lenyards, … Moreover the people are really nice and helpful. Watch some fotos.
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What’s going on, lately nobody but spammers leave comments. Please, people, if you keep reading me, leave me a note once a while.
I have been trying to incorporate some systems to stop spam, but neither the moderation nor the captcha systems seem to work. I will get deeper into this, until then, please do not be mute!

Discount for La Paloma

La Paloma“La Paloma” is one of the most famous clubs in Barcelona, has been location for many movies and is definitely worth a visit. It is a dancing hall with over 100 years of tradition.

Still, evenings often start with an old-fashioned Spanish dance band and senior couples move cheek to cheek. At midnight the music changes and DJs, often with percussionists, take over with a funky fusion of soul, breakbeats and disco. Very stlyewalker-style, actually..

Thursday is Bongo-lounge which is the best day to go, you will find lots of students and a very flirty atmosphere. La PalomaUnfortunately it is really expensive, but here’s a nice trick:

Go to the bar “Benidorm” which is really close and order a drink. Then you ask for “entradas”, most likely they will give you free tickets for the night. Once you’re in, be prepared to Barcelona’s high prices: A beer is 5€ (moreover: it’s Heineken..)


Interactive walls that seem alive and are able to reflect the reality. A form of minimalism, very formalistic and reducing. And looks überstylish.. If I had a bar, this would be the highlight.

“Aperture” is a facade installation consisting of an iris diaphragm matrix (which you can find in cameras as well)made by students of the Universität der Künste (UdK), Berlin. digital media class. These artificial eyelike irises are able to react to their environment and create a moving surface by closing and opening.( Click for a video!)
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