Perfect Spanish summer feeling videos

In Berlin, we had a glimpse of summer about 10 days ago. It was wonderful, girls wearing skirts, boys wearing shorts, we were riding our bikes with sunglasses on, off to a barbecue. Now it’s cold and rainy again and we remember that we used to go on a summer holiday. To Italy, Spain or Greece. We’d live in a summer house owned by friends, go down to the beach, cook together, drink beer, dance in the street. These videos wake this feeling of mediterranean easy-going and living into the day.

The first one tells the story of Max who is in a bus, looking over a sunny landscape, on his way to meet his friends and family. Everybody is really happy to see him, they go collect chairs in the narrow streets of the old town, have diner, go fishing, play domino and eventually a little flirt evolves. Cute pictures and a great song produce a dense atmosphere which makes you wish you where there. The video is done by Estrella, Catalunya’s most famous beer and my favorite when I used to live there. It’s shot in the beautiful landscape Serra de Tramuntana on Mallorca.

In Barcelona, Sonar, one of the most important festivals about electronic music and media art is about to start next week. The city, the beaches and the roof tops become official stages and off-parties, and I am still a bit proud to have started this trend of the after-sonar beach events back in 2004 with Intro magazine. Now, the Mobilee crew is known for their Sonar parties, like you’ll see in this hotel roof video.

And if you like it a bit more kinky, after family reunion on Mallorca, intellectual partying in Barcelona, you should take a flight, or a boat, to Ibiza, where the most infamous parties unveal. Being the place with the most expensive clubs, like the Amnesia, you should try to connect to all the promoters and organizers and let them put you on the list for the evening. It’s actually less hard than you think.