My Melt! artists

As soon as I say it, my list flies in! I’m proud to take of the following artists at Melt! 08:
Alter Ego, Booka Shade, Boys Noize, Doc Scott, Hercules and Love Affair, Kissy Sell Out, M.A.N.D.Y., Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Mr. Oizo, Technotronic, Uffie & DJ Feadz
I’m SO looking forward to it.

Melt! – here we go again

There’s less than a month to wait for Melt! festival taking off again. I’m looking forward to working there again, you can read about my experiences at this beautiful and excessive festival in several articles on!

I don’t know which artists I am going to take care of this time, I’ll post it as soon as I know. But everything about the line up, maps, tickets, pics and videos you can find in the Melt! (blog me) SITE below. Repost it at your blog (just click “blog me”), Myspace or Facebook and take the chance to win tickets!

The Melt! (blog me) SITE is a product by PANORAMA3000 for Melt!

Protest with Hellsongs: We’re not gonna take it

When Hellsongs played their showcase at Hoppetosse two weeks ago, this song was one of the most beautiful and sums up pretty well the idea behind Hellsongs: To take powerful metal songs including the message and transform them into sensitive acoustic indie music.

In the case of the following video, the message is: protest! The best moment is from minute 3:00 when a tiny fist becomes a very powerful and by being so tiny, even more impressive symbol. Unfortunately, the very insisting introduction speech by singer Harriet Ohlsson is missing in video when she talked about Burma. Especially in such a situation of absolute powerlessness towards injustice it is a good feeling to at least raise your fist together..

Put your hands together with Luciano on Ibiza

Luciano “Podemos hablar tu y yo un minuto? Tranquilo? Viniste sola? Te gusta bailar? Vamos a bailar.. Ah, sí, me gusta. Tus movimientos me inspiran.. Como te llamas? Te podía ofrecer una.. Mi nombre es Buen Pachanga”. This is how this absolute Mediterranean set by Luciano starts, directly from Ibiza and you can literally feel the sand in between your dancing toes. It’s all about deep and a little trancy grooves, a slow bass drum and some screams in the background. Summer can be so untroubled.
[via Anders B] and Elektroaktivisten]
Enjoy Luciano’s Ibiza Voice Podcast
Download from Megaupload

Stylewalker at Funkpark tomorrow

Funkpark BerlinFunkpark / Rechenzentrum is one of Berlin’s most interesting locations right now. Situated right by the water, a little south-east from Treptower park, it is a beautiful outdoor area, with volleyball pitches, beach, little huts, bars and lots of sand. And during the weekends, the party moves to the indoor location Rechenzentrum, equipped with an impressive sound system.

Tomorrow, I have the big honor to play some tunes from 18h, then watch THE game (Ronaldo, I want to see you cry. Again.) and play on a little. So, please come around, find a map below. You can ride the bike from Ostkreuz (10min) or take the bus 21 from Frankfurter Tor, Bersarinplatz, Boxhagenerplatz and Ostkreuz (exit Markgrafendamm, then some meters to the right towards the crossing) stopping at Köpenickerchaussee/Blockdammweg. There’s a map after the click:
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4 Thesen zur Überlebenskunst des Fernsehens!

Totgesagte leben länger, und was kratzt es überhaupt die Eiche. Nur weil ein paar Internetheinis nur noch sporadisch zappen, aber natürlich trotzdem die EM-Spiele schauen und natürlich trotzdem wissen, was GNTM bedeutet, ist das TV noch lange nicht tot. Wir reden hier über eine Industrie, die Milliarden umsetzt, die wird sich nicht einfach wegmarginalisieren lassen. Fragen wir lieber, was aus dem Fernsehen wird. Oder fragen wir noch lieber, was das Wort “Fernsehen” in ein paar Jahren bedeuten wird.

Weiter geht mein Artikel als Gastbeitrag bei den Blogpiloten

Der Blick ins Netz aufs Wir: Organisationsidentität und Weblogs

thomas_praus_der_blick_ins_netz_aufs_wir_buchcoverDas Buch ist draußen! Nun kann man meine Abschlussarbeit auch gedruckt und gebunden erwerben, für den recht stolzen Preis von ca. 50EUR, z.B. über Amazon.

Daher freut es mich sehr, den Text auch als pdf-Download unter cc Lizenz anbieten zu können, voilá: “Zum Beitrag von Weblogs zur Konstitution von Organisationsidentität” (oder als HTML-Version), geschrieben an der FU Berlin, bei Juliana Raupp am Institut für Publizistik und Kommunikationswissenschaft an der Arbeitsstelle Organisationskommunikation, bewertet mit einer sehr guten Note.
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Changing Room Barcelona

Changing room Barcelona Calor 08Changing Room Barcelona is a concept to present new, exclusive and exciting fashion in a very unusual way. People are invited every now and then to participate in a showroom, located in different hotel rooms.

The next edition, called “Calor 08” will take place at the hotel “Chic & basic” in Calle Princesa 50, this Saturday, June 14th, from 11 AM to 9 PM. On the website you will find many slideshows with pictures from past shows.

Although I am not living there anymore, I can ensure that it’s still a very vibrant and creative city, especially in fashion. Not at last because of that it has become home of Bread&Butter..

What is Hit and Run Kino?

“HIT-AND-RUN” stands for meeting up at one known place at a certain time and then walk altogether to a secret location. So, if you miss the departure, you’re out! If you do make it, you’re in for some very interesting and inspiring experience. Like the people who organize the Hit and Run Kino. Almost every wednesday you will find an email where to meet up in the evening an then will be guided to a unique and special place to watch unique and special films. It’s great!

Like today: Meet at 21:00h at Hauptbahnhof – Hauptausgang Europaplatz and walk to a abandoned hospital. In the operating room you will watch “Komm Süßer Tod”.

If you are lucky, you can get on this list and be informed next time.