Perfect Spanish summer feeling videos

In Berlin, we had a glimpse of summer about 10 days ago. It was wonderful, girls wearing skirts, boys wearing shorts, we were riding our bikes with sunglasses on, off to a barbecue. Now it’s cold and rainy again and we remember that we used to go on a summer holiday. To Italy, Spain or Greece. We’d live in a summer house owned by friends, go down to the beach, cook together, drink beer, dance in the street. These videos wake this feeling of mediterranean easy-going and living into the day.

The first one tells the story of Max who is in a bus, looking over a sunny landscape, on his way to meet his friends and family. Everybody is really happy to see him, they go collect chairs in the narrow streets of the old town, have diner, go fishing, play domino and eventually a little flirt evolves. Cute pictures and a great song produce a dense atmosphere which makes you wish you where there. The video is done by Estrella, Catalunya’s most famous beer and my favorite when I used to live there. It’s shot in the beautiful landscape Serra de Tramuntana on Mallorca.

In Barcelona, Sonar, one of the most important festivals about electronic music and media art is about to start next week. The city, the beaches and the roof tops become official stages and off-parties, and I am still a bit proud to have started this trend of the after-sonar beach events back in 2004 with Intro magazine. Now, the Mobilee crew is known for their Sonar parties, like you’ll see in this hotel roof video.

And if you like it a bit more kinky, after family reunion on Mallorca, intellectual partying in Barcelona, you should take a flight, or a boat, to Ibiza, where the most infamous parties unveal. Being the place with the most expensive clubs, like the Amnesia, you should try to connect to all the promoters and organizers and let them put you on the list for the evening. It’s actually less hard than you think.

How to prepare a tortilla

Here is a tutorial with many pictures about how to prepare a typical spanish tortilla. I did this for an interesting market and innovation research for Phillips who wanted to find out how people in Europe eat and cook in their everyday life. A very well done project, thanks to Funky Projects for inviting me! I learned the recipe from my flatmate Juan, here is another video with him showing how to prepare a delicious pasta. Unfortunately German users are not allowed to see it because of the music in it 🙁

The slideshow describes the steps: Ingredients potatoe, onions, garlic, spices, olive oil. Cut the potatoes in cubes, the onions and the garlic and heat up oil well in a pan. Frie potatoes, onions and garlic at hot temperature for about 7 minutes. Meanwhile stir the eggs with salt and peppar, about 2 eggs per person. Put the eggmass to the potatoes and turn down the temperature immediately to the lowest level. Cover the mass and let it cook for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile you can prepare a simple tomatoe salad with basil, oil, vinegar, honey, salt and peppar and cut ham and salsicha as side dishes. Uncover the pan and make sure the egg mass has become solid. Now be brave! Cover the pan with a big plate and turn around fast. Put the tortilla which is almost done back in the pan for another 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and let it slow down for another minute. The tortilla is now ready to be served and can be cut like a cake. Eat with salad, cheese, ham and bread. Beer goes along well also.

Streetmapper auf Konbini

Nischiger, professioneller und urbaner Videocontent: I like! Und bei Konbinis Streetmapper Shows haben wir es mit solchen Inhalten zu tun. Auskenner und SzenegĂ€nger aus Paris, Berlin oder Barcelona ( stellen ihre LieblingsplĂ€tze vor und erzĂ€hlen dabei auch immer etwas ĂŒber sich selbst. In Berlin sehr gut gelungen mit Philip Gaedicke, der u.a. den SOTO Laden macht. Have a look:

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This weekend: Videoakt, Substance, Mediaspree

This weekend in Berlin will see art, music, politics and overall a mashup of all: Friday night will see Substance, the biggest Dubstep party on the European continent so far, at Berghain, there is the big art festival Videoakt on friday and saturday where Stylewalker’s going to spin, and on sunday people living in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg have the chance to cast their votes for or against the urban development project Mediaspree.
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Tom14 – streetartist Barcelona interview

I was pointed out to a really great interview, done by Pretty Cool People Interviews. Tom takes us along Barcelona, shows some sites and pieces and alongway talks about his philosophy. It’s a good feeling to understand how little, pretty things can and should make a difference in a often harsh urban world.

Tom14, “born in Brazil and based in Barcelona”, who “is a street artist in more than one way. He works on the streets, sometimes literally on the surface of the road, but besides this, his work is also deals with the rights on the street. It’s all about reclaiming the streets from real estate investors who make large profits from urban planning projects and do nothing about improving the situation for the local people.”

Check it out: Tom 14, Barcelona street artist interview

Changing Room Barcelona

Changing room Barcelona Calor 08Changing Room Barcelona is a concept to present new, exclusive and exciting fashion in a very unusual way. People are invited every now and then to participate in a showroom, located in different hotel rooms.

The next edition, called “Calor 08” will take place at the hotel “Chic & basic” in Calle Princesa 50, this Saturday, June 14th, from 11 AM to 9 PM. On the website you will find many slideshows with pictures from past shows.

Although I am not living there anymore, I can ensure that it’s still a very vibrant and creative city, especially in fashion. Not at last because of that it has become home of Bread&Butter..

Tonight: Stylewalker at BBBbaby

Das BBbaby ist ein neuer Club, der temporĂ€r in den RĂ€umen des ehemaligen “Schwarzen Raben” in der Neuen Schönhauser 13 residiert. Sehr simpel, sehr schick, sehr konzept: Eintritt sind stolze 15EUR, dafĂŒr findet man drinnen KĂŒhlschrĂ€nke voller Moritz Pilsener, Cava und Solan de Cabras (klasse Wasser) zur freien VerfĂŒgung der Anwesenden. Statt Bar, sozusagen. Andere sagen Flatrate.

Alles dies sind katalanische Köstlichkeiten, herrĂŒhrend von der Verbbbindung der Macher nach Barcelona. Diese organisieren dort halbjĂ€hrlich die Modemesse Bread&Butter und eröffnen zur Wintersaison einen Laden in Berlin, in der, genau, Schönhauser 13. Got it? Immer Dienstags, Donnerstags und Freitags zwischen 20h und 24h gibt es also Eklektisches vom Plattenteller und Eklektiker in den Sofas und an den SĂ€ulen lehnend. Diesen Dienstag (heute) gibt es Musik von Stylewalker (that’s me!) und Steve (somebody else!). Donnerstag den 24.04. auch (da geht es vielleicht auch ein bisschen lĂ€nger)

Wer kommen will, sagt mir Bescheid, ich habe ein begrenztes Kontingent auf der GĂ€steliste und auch fĂŒr alle anderen gibt es Rabatt. Bitte schreibt mir, ob ihr heute oder am Donnerstag kommen wollt, dann machen wir ne Flasche Cava auf und lassen sie in unsere Nabel perlen. Fins ara!

La caseta: Hottest place in Barcelona this summer

La casetaIf one bar in Barcelona has made an impressive career this year it must have been “La Caseta del Migdia“. Even without being in Barcelona, you could hear the talk about it all over Europe. Also Bread and Butter had the final celebration in that amazing place on Montjuic. Situated on the south corner of the Montjuic Castell, you have a great view over the harbour on one side and over the city to the other. It is open air, they serve fine food and good drinks and DJs spin chilly rare grooves while you contemplate the Mediterranean.

You can get there, taking the 55 bus and walk upwards to the castle, In summer, on weekend evenings it used to be open until 2am, now I assume they close a little earlier. Here is another little article about La Caseta del Migdia

Pechakucha Berlin

Alex von Furstenberg.. took place yesterday at Tape Gallery and was again a nice get-together of creative people with more or less interesting subjects and more or less well done speeches. But to be honest, I expected a little more. The tow guys from Aka-Aki were impossible to understand, others, like Cosima Reif were so nervous the hysterical laughters produced feedbacks. But I liked very much David Henry Brown Jr’s talk about his personality Alex von FĂŒrstenberg which got him into celebrity parties in New York and of course Tobi X’s Firefox plugin “Timemachine” which turns webpages into a state of like ten years ago: Full of candles, christmas trees, animated gifs, midi melodies and star backgrounds.