Shir Khan Videointerview

The ‘signal’ festival was great and I had the big honour to play in between DJ Hype and Jim Dunloop (awesome: turntablelism, funky beats and piano improvisation), Beatbox Elliot (so tight, you think it’s a drum machine) and Toktok (friendly gabba with fun factor). The people stayed, which I took as a compliment.. Really an inspiring evening with lots of different music and arts and open-minded people!

And today, finallly, I edited the Shir Khan interview I did weeks ago. On the 8th of may, his band Tolcha released their first album, “Gestalt”. I have been listening to it ever since and it really suits for a big city feeling with its massive sounds and streetwise lyrics. The soul glows deep in the centre of black stone.. Continue reading

We got a ‘Signal’ coming

Party Arty GallerySignal’ is a four days festival for music, art, inspiration. It happens in Festsaal Kreuzberg and starts today! Lots of good vibes and energy culminate in this idea that is only two weeks old.

I got infected as well and will play on tuesday. Yes, it’s the long awaited (by myself) return of Stylewalker to the turntables with some nice summer music. Since summer is a little lazy this year.
So please, come to see me: Stylewalker at ‘Signal’ in Party-Arty Gallery Skalitzer Straße 130!
Starts at eight, so it’s just perfect to come around just to have a look and a drink and some vibes.
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DJ Kid FreshKid FreshWhen I was younger, I used to spend hours with the turntables, trying to juggle, to scratch, do routines, be a true turntablelist. The biggest success: winning a pair of headphones at a local competition. Man, I was proud!

But basically, that was just good practice for playing in parties and in clubs later, I got very fast with the records and it was always cool to introduce some tunes with a little *scratch*.

In the end, I never got a real turntablelist but I still got love for the game. So I was delighted when I met Kid Fresh, playing at Yaneq‘s record release party. Like me, he is from Göttingen, we used to hang out back then (in the 90ies) and I admired his techniques a lot.
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Deep in the club

Oh my. When I checked my camera this morning, I noticed I had taken some videos on Saturday when we went to the famous club “Deep”, to one of their closing nights.

It was packed. It was loud. We went down to celebrate the raw techno in strobo lights and waving hands. I don’t know how I could have forgotten about the clips, but they were cool, so I edited a little video to put you guys in the picture Continue reading

Thank god it’s friday

Poster from impawards.comPeople! Politics, Urban democracy, new ideas for the internet.. You don’t care! All you want is party and dancing and CHEAP entertainment.

So while I am promoting the Netzkicker (check out the banner on the right!), thinking about how to implement the random header plugin and looking for ENTERTAINMENT for Stylewalker-visitors it’s raining outside and people are planning the weekends-parties.

Should I go to Cash-money party (Vice and Rio people at Golden Gate) or to GMT (Hussong and Stone – check out play babba.. – at PHB) or to some new misterious club in Invalidenstraße or to Designmai? Maybe I just stay in. Whatever.

Check out this Charleston and Hip hop á la Jungle Brothers Mash-up Video.. [via Waving Cat]

Control arms and join the million faces

Million Faces Arms Trade TreatyThere’s a lot of issues one should be concerned about and to be involved in (even if it’s on the lowest possible level) to make life a little better on this planet. Poverty, transparency, environmental care, animal rights, children’s future, education, democracy.. But one thing is especially cruel and keeps sticking in my head whenever I hear or read about it: Weapons trade.
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Music Videos with Hot Chip and Lily Allen

I just love these two videos, been watching them all day already. Both are from London and both hit the perfect dance nerve. Besides, the melodies stick in your head like glue. Enjoy: Lily Allen with “LDN” and Hot Chip with “Over and Over”.

Definetely going to watch the latter on this years Melt!-Festival. Btw: They write a pretty entertaining “melting blog” about the little necessary details if you want to organize a huge festival.
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Social interactive architecture

Urban social democratic architectureOk, I admit, the three-dimensional browser was a nice idea, but a CRAPPY PICTURE! I just didn’t have the patience.. Whatever, now Stylewalker’s back with some fotos! Taken on a nice and sunny day in Berlin where I met two guys in the street, dismantling a postbox and a big sign: “Look at it and decide what you want to do here!”.

Interesting idea: There was a free space, right next to a café and a house, in Schwedter Straße. The guys study architecture and set up the experiment of letting people give them ideas for some kind of pulicly used space.
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Multiplayer Online-Soccer

Worldcup-madness and you can’t resist? Thinking about the round thing all the time, want to see it dither in the knitting?

Now you can, with some überstylish football simulation: The Netzkicker. It’s easy, effective and fun, the most straight forward football simulation I have seen on the net. (And I have seen many: Yahoo has one, Intel tried it and RTL, too).
Run with the mouse, kick with a click. It’s still Beta, so handle it gently..

The netzkicker is realized and maintained by the online communications agency Face2net which I work for.