DJ Shir Khan on DJs anonymous

Shir Khan anonymous coverI am a huge Uffie fan and was delighted to hear a new track on this brilliant DJ Shir Khan mix on DJs anonymous (goes like this: “when I go out – some like to get me drunk and wild but the only thing you get tonight is my fucking drink tab” – yeah!).

“from proto-hiphop to neo-rock, from dubstep to eurocrunk, from blends to disco, from dreckelektro to favela funk – its all here” he tells me in his email and I couldn’t say it any better.

[audio:] Downloadlinkdownload the artwork to make a proper CD! – via DJs anonymouscheck out all the other DJ mixes!All sorts of Uffie music has Hype Machine, of course

Videointerview with Polarkreis 18

I announced it and now, after heavy works of editing with a shitty piece of software (windows movie maker – someone sponsor me a good editing program, please!) I finally can present the interview with Bernd from Polarkreis 18, who I met in Riga by some magical coincidence.

They have been compared to Mars Volta and Muse, Sigur Ros and Air; their record, which will be out in early november 06 is mixed by Chris von Rautenkranz, their label is Motor. So, everything is going pretty well for the boys from Dresden and why? Because they deserve it. Their music is wonderful, emotional, a little melancholic and floating with the autumn fogs. Enjoy a little videointerview (in German) on a bridge and some sounds from the upcoming album. Continue reading

Republish Party

Big fun again, really. Partying beneath Alexanderplatz is a great feeling that makes you appreciate Berlin in its original rough and improvised way. Too many people, that was a shame. No place to dance, no place to mingle. I just sat on the stairs and watched the people. But the music was great and I met some old friends.

As soon as I find more fotos I tell you, obviously everybody who took pictures (50% at least – we are all mediatized..) still has a hangover. I left before the police turned up, I hope everything went allright!

Update:Find pictures at Berlin4fun
[via Republish Party Aftermath]
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Imagine Terry Richardson taking party pictures. Than you have something like the pictures of

Definetely hedonistic, definetely dirty (not really sfw), definitely full of life. Reminds of the Cobra Snake and apparently Bronques, the head behind the site has been dancing at Cobra Snake parties.

Here’s another story on about lastnightsparty or go the homepage to find more party and music coverage.

DJ Fex in a neo trancy dubby techhouse mix

DJ FEXDJ FEX is from France and actually, Laurent Garnier comes to my mind as a reference when I listened to that mix. It’s funky, fast, driving like “un autoroute” and contains some hits we like to listen to again and again on the dancefloor (Carl Craig and many others..)

via 26th
DJ FEX website


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Rigas Svetki House Music Night

An old industry harbour area. City festival, 20th of august, the end of a great summer is getting closer. Thousands of young people celebrated the city festival “Svetki” and its saturday “House Muzikas Nakts” with Stressless Project (Lisboa Porto) and many great local DJs. The music was perfect for the evening: Massive, loud, emotional, overwhelming. Warm air with a little wind surrounded the stage with the big screens on the wharf..

The party was awesome, I talked to many people and danced like I didn’t dance for a long time. Here’s a little video impression:
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That would have been a pity

People who know me will not be surprised by this: I almost lost my flight from Berlin to Riga. In the end, it really was a matter of seconds.

I wanted to take the airport express from Alexanderplatz, but it was not on the display, it was cancelled due to an accident, I found out. So I had to take the S-Bahn which left later and takes much longer to Schönefeld. 7:50 was the scheduled take-off and I arrived at 7:35!

Thank god I had the boarding pass from Easyjet already printed out and thank god they let me take my two big bags into the cabin. Looking back, I realize what a shame it would have been not to go to Riga..

Stay tuned for the two missing videos: The open air houseparty in the harbour and the videointerview with Polarkreis 18, I am currently editing it!