Hedonist International: Dance to a political movement

The Hedonist International is a very liberal yet very social idea and community of people who have some very unconcrete ideas about politics but very concrete and unusual methods of actions, e.g. entering the tv tower of Berlin and turning the slow moving tourist viewing platform (and old-fashioned restaurant) into a gigantic party space or pro-war demonstrations.

“The Hedonist International wants joyful togetherness, anarchy, epicurean ideas, multifaceted joy, sensuality, diversion, friendship, justice, tolerance, freedom, sexual freedom, sustainability, peace, free access to information, the arts, a cosmopolitan existence, and a world without borders or discrimination, and everything else that is wonderful but not a reality today.”
from their manifesto

Berlin scene these days

Mannomann, geht hier wieder viel in dieser irren Stadt. Nicht nur, dass der Sommer einfach mal den Frühling überholt hat und man allerorten zum Grillen, Tischtennis- und Volleyballspielen oder zum Picknicken eingeladen wird, auch das Tanzen in den Mai will anständig durchgeführt sein. Dafür gibt es eine Menge Möglichkeiten und auch die Tage davor wollen sich nicht lumpen lassen und trumpfen mit einer Fülle interessanter Veranstaltungen auf.

Da ist zunächst das Gallery Weekend vom 27.-30. April mit locker Rumstehen, lecker Schnittchen, viel Kunst natürlich und dem einen oder anderen Drink, den man galant stehend zu sich nehmen kann, bevor man sich ins weitere Partyleben stürzt.
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Football and movies: 11mm festival in Berlin

11mmTwo things people (including me) can be very passionate about: Football and movies. A whole crew of these passionate people now set up a nice movie festival about football which is merely a lense for all kinds of interesting stories, reflections about society and culture.

11mm takes place in Kino Babylon from today on until tuesday, 1st of may. There will be movies for kids, documentations about clubs and players (Zidane, Beckenbauer, Maradona) and fans as well as feature films which use football as a frame for stories about life e.g. in a small Swedish village.

Here’s the whole program, click on the titles to read a description, also in English and Spanish.

English breakfast on sunday with The Michelles

EnglishbreakfastsundayberlinThis seems to be a nice idea for a hangovery sunday: Nice music and English breakfast at the (to me yet unknown but instantly appealing) “Daft Pankow”, Falckensteinstr 42, Xberg.

With an afternoon acoustic set by The Michelles, three “Berlondon” boys who have it all: melodies, hooks, choirs, ska, pop, supergrassy, beachboysy “ba-ba-ba”-backgrounds.. And it will be sunny!

La Fraise affiliation program

LaFraise.com, éditeur de bien jolis T-shirts.LaFraise.com is a design community who produce shirts. It started in 2004 as an experiment by the Parisien Patrice Cassard who set up a system to upload designs, present them as shirts and let users vote the best styles. He then started to produce and sell the most popular shirts, in a limited number, paying royalties to the original designer. Now, the site has grown ever more popular into a European shirt design community (and has recently been acquired by Spreadshirt).

Lafraise offers an affiliate program for people who promote the shirts. Since I do not only like most of the designs but also the whole community approach of the idea, I decided to put a flashcode into my site (in the sidebar to the right) which shows the recent designs. If you decide to buy a shirt after clicking the banner, I will get 10% of the purchased sum which I can spend on shirts.

LaFraise.com, éditeur de bien jolis T-shirts. It’s a nice idea and just an experiment and since I like the shirts anyway and assume that my visitors will too, I figured why not try it out. What do you think? Are you being annoyed by the animated banner? Do you think it is a smart idea? Or is lafraise ripping me off with poor gratification?

How could advertising look on Stylewalker?

When telling marketing people about my blog and how many visitors come by here daily (around 200 which is a nice number but still loooooooong tail, no?) they tend to ask me: “Why don’t you put ads on your site?”. Hm. Dunno. Too much stress to administrate? Not worth the effort? Besides: I know, would I put ads here, I’d put much more work in getting more people on the site which could change: What I write about and how I do it. On the other hand, I am vain enough wanting many people to come here anyway, independent from ads..
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Berlin street art clip

For those who didn’t know, streetart is big in Berlin! Here’s a little clip that shows some protagonists, their art, some ironic commentary and a funky soundtrack!

By Reclaimyourstreets, found via Wooster collective.

And here’s a nice initiative: Youthougtwewouldntnotice, who claims copyrights of street artists whose work has been used for commercial purposes without notice. It is also a great archive on how streetart influences graphic design. [found via Agendapop]

Danke Re:publica

Auch wenn der Re:publica an einigen Stellen vorgeworfen wird, sie sei lahm, langweilig und überhaupt alle Blogger dort ziemlich selbstreferentiell gewesen (“Blogger sprechen mit Bloggern übers Bloggen” – hm, ja, stimmt) ist mir das ziemlich egal, in die besten Clubs kommen eben auch nicht alle rein und die drin sind, sprechen darüber wie toll es ist, drin zu sein. Ist es auch. Wenn man drin ist.

Ich habe mich auf jeden Fall sehr wohl gefühlt in dieser loggeren Atmosphäre im Kontakthof oder im “Nerdgeschoss” wo es sich eben so vertraut anfühlte, weil sich alle, zumindest irgendwie, schon kannten. Dass das aber überhaupt nicht repräsentativ für die “deutschen Blogger” war, ist ja sonnenklar und das hat auch niemand behauptet. Das war vielleicht eine irgendwie lose gekoppelte Szene, aber ganz viele waren eben auch nicht da. So und um mal ein bisschen Social Networking zu betreiben, danke ich für die netten Gespräche und Inspirationen: Markus, Jan Schmidt, Falk, Steffen Büffel, Florian, Robert, Oliver, Pit und Nico.
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Wow, this is what I call impact, look at the Technorati searches to the right.
I guess I do not necessarily have to say much myself in this case, just that re:publica is a nice conference about life on the net with a good vibe and surprisingly many girls (usually, you’ll only find guys on this web 2.0bloggingcastingmediachanging digitalworldrevolution things..) See some pics or read about it. Or ask me later when you see me personally. But the coolest, most instant and somehow closest tool to get an impression on what’s going on at the conference is the very twittery live comment tool of the lectures via SMS.