Patrique is now Patrick Gräser and here’s a new mix

Saturday, 5th of august, Patrick Gräser and Pokerflat Crew at Week-End Berlin!

Moving into more serious ground, Patrick now is taking on his birth name as his DJ-Alias, “Patrick Gräser”, the artists formerly known as DJ Patrique.

His career is slowly and organically taking off with a new mix on Symbiosticast and a gig with Steve Bug and Vincenzo at Weekend this saturday.

Download Patrick Gräsers hypnotic deep house mix at Symbiosticast

A time to look back

10 000! I am blogging since february 2005, counting my visits since last september and now I have had 10 000 visits! A good moment to do some identity work and look back to an exciting time on the internet. It’s a lot of effort, but lots of fun, always something to talk about and source for some interesting cognitions. Thank you all, approx. 50 people come by daily, which is a really good number for a small blogger, many comment (although I wish, more did..) and Stylewalker is still growing!
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Whitest Boy Alive at Melt!Klub

Whitest Boy Alive“What a great audience” he said, smiling like a little boy, like always. Here is a small clip of multitalented Erlend Oye’s new group The Whitest Boy Alive who performed yesterday at Melt!-Klub in Maria am Ostbahnhof, Berlin, which was a kind of kick-off party for this year’s Melt-Festival.

It was so crowded, I could not come really close, still, it’s an impression of their nice, danceable and poppy guitar music, reminded me a litte of Sea&Cake or Tortoise, less complicated, though. Continue reading

Worlds biggest conference on communication science

The International Communication Association host its 56th Annual Conference in Dresden these days. Too bad, I can’t be there, alone the idea of being in the same room with so many great theorists like Habermas and Castells would have been a great honour. The program is huge, let alone the overview is 21 pages.

I searched it for the keyword ‘identity’ and not surprisingly most of the contributions I found deal with ethnicity, culture and society. Constructing identities appear, twice linked with organization, once even within networks, a subject I have been working on before.

Identity and the internet is discussed on the matter of identification, but:
Constructing organizational identities with weblogs – that’s new, I am proud. Hope, I can do something really innovative here.

Kiki Pics and Lehmann Video

Kiki Beachbar BerlinYes, Kiki Blofeld definetely is a great place to watch football. ..if you come in time and get a premium seat up on the palettes. Close to the river, nice people, great atmosphere. So urban, it almost hurts.

Also, I found a great video: Lehmann and Nince Inch Nails. Positive aggressions. No chance for Riquelme, Beckham and Drogba. Still, I am literally fearing a quarterfinal Germany vs Argentina.
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Crazy – Dangermouse did it again

This guy is certainly an internet star. Dangermouse who just boarded the charts with Gnarls Barkley, released another album. Everyone can download for free on [adult swim]. Quite smoky and fluffy hiphop, though not as good as his previous releases. Thanks anyway for the nice and free music!

My favourite is the Madlib Remix

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