Shir Khan Videointerview

The ‘signal’ festival was great and I had the big honour to play in between DJ Hype and Jim Dunloop (awesome: turntablelism, funky beats and piano improvisation), Beatbox Elliot (so tight, you think it’s a drum machine) and Toktok (friendly gabba with fun factor). The people stayed, which I took as a compliment.. Really an inspiring evening with lots of different music and arts and open-minded people!

And today, finallly, I edited the Shir Khan interview I did weeks ago. On the 8th of may, his band Tolcha released their first album, “Gestalt”. I have been listening to it ever since and it really suits for a big city feeling with its massive sounds and streetwise lyrics. The soul glows deep in the centre of black stone..

Listen to an mp3-snippet taken from the Metapolyp-Blog

Together with some movie clips I recorded on the pre-release party, the movies is about the band, their audiovisual ambitions, the digital world and the darkness.

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