A three-dimensional browser

3dim BrowserThere is a fundamental discrepancy between the architecture of a browser and the way most people use the internet: The history of all browsers works linear, but our behaviour is not. Merely, it is three-dimensional. Software-development should take this into consideration.

Not only since tabbed browsing, most people have several browser windows open and everybody knows that the best results of a search may not be on the first positions. So, moving through the internet is taking several ways from one page and deciding later which page, which information really is relevant. Sometimes we even start with a new search, having found out that a different combination of words might lead to better results. From forums and wikipedia, from blogs and newspaper sites, we come to a number of pages that contain the information we were looking for: Good hotels, a software service, a concert review or a scientific phenomena.

Meanwhile, we might want to go back to a specific page we have been to before. Maybe we forgot to open a link there or it adds some important piece of information we misjugded before. And so. Wouldn’t it be easier to find that page again if the described clickways were represented in the browser?

The graphical user interface of a browser should show the visited pages and the ways we went on a graphical landscape. I don’t know how to do it exactly, but it would have something to do with levels and everytime a new tab or window is opened the clickways would start again with level 1. Like this we would know which way we have come and the design would represent much more what goes on in our head. Network-like, woven information, three-dimensional, like brain cells, not linear.

This is an invitaion to developers, screen-designers and c+-coders. If you have any further idea, let me know! If something like this exists allready, like a plugin for Firefox, let me know as well, please.