We got a ‘Signal’ coming

Party Arty GallerySignal’ is a four days festival for music, art, inspiration. It happens in Festsaal Kreuzberg and starts today! Lots of good vibes and energy culminate in this idea that is only two weeks old.

I got infected as well and will play on tuesday. Yes, it’s the long awaited (by myself) return of Stylewalker to the turntables with some nice summer music. Since summer is a little lazy this year.
So please, come to see me: Stylewalker at ‘Signal’ in Party-Arty Gallery Skalitzer Straße 130!
Starts at eight, so it’s just perfect to come around just to have a look and a drink and some vibes.

‘Signal’ is “a lab for investigating new methods”, “a kindergarten for adults”. It is “swinging Berlin” that Yaneq, Warren Suicide and Index put together here.

There is even supposed to be a webstream of the festival so try Party-Arty.de for updates. They invited over 50 artists of all disciplines, let me just drop some names:

index, warren suicide, yaneq, bruder & kronstädta, jammin unit feat. sketch, susi van der meer, 4 Xsample, dj shir khan, dj gaucho, andré langenfeld, le bob, the scandals, hörspiele von paul plamper, geschichten von adreas gläser aka dj baufresse

index, warren suicide, yaneq, gourmet du groove feat. han solo, band deutscher mädels, der franz, umlauf, gods of blitz, oli massive, red robin, dj b.side, suzi wong, sick sinus, doom & gunjah vom northern lite dj-team

index, warren suicide, yaneq, powers, swearing at motorists, cupcake, mamasweed, toktok, tanzplantat, marc hype feat. jim dunloop, le bob, tanith, stylewalker, henrik bertsch, daniel w. best und ein lyrisches spezialset von agrar berlin

index, warren suicide, yaneq, the tape vs. rqm, robosonic, katze, pitchtuner, kampur, mignon, tolcha, barney millah, dj gaucho, andré herzig & dj maurice, digga, dj quest, höspiele von robert ohm und eine lesebühne von peh mit bea, saralina, leowee, jen brenke und frau julie