Control arms and join the million faces

Million Faces Arms Trade TreatyThere’s a lot of issues one should be concerned about and to be involved in (even if it’s on the lowest possible level) to make life a little better on this planet. Poverty, transparency, environmental care, animal rights, children’s future, education, democracy.. But one thing is especially cruel and keeps sticking in my head whenever I hear or read about it: Weapons trade.

Because it combines so many cruel things people are willing to do. Selling guns, legally or illegally for big profits, fostering drug trade and keeping whole countries (or in case of Africa: a whole continent) in the chaos of civil war and endless fights about raw materials. Children are fighting there, aiming guns at each other in a distance of five meters. On the other side of the ocean communication managers of firms like Lockheed Martin talk about their social responsibilty, these kind of things make me sick. The calculation is easy: With fewer weapons, this world would be a more peaceful place. Feel free to discuss this, call me a pacifist, tell me violence is still violence without weapons, tell me there are evil people we need to defend ourselves against, or that I am a dreamer and should grow my hair. Whatever, but:

Add your face and join the million faces, demand a global arms trade treaty.

An initiative formed by Amnesty International, Oxfam and Iansa.
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